Monday, 18 April 2011

Best of the Weekend.

Yes I know I have been falling behind so here it is, the long awaited best of the weekend.

Game: Canada vs Ukraine - Many of the games did not live up to their hype  ie. (El Salvador - Laos) but this one did. Ukraine came out firing on all cylinders and they got goal for it. However, Canada was resilient and despite being on the defensive for most the game found two goals in a 3 minute span to seal a 2-1 victory. Still not sure how they did it.

Team: France - They had set themselves up with a potentially dangerous game against Afghanistan. However, when the time came for France to step up they certainly did just that. A really strong showing despite playing a few games, without key players. France's stroll to the final continues. Honorable mention to Germany Womens team who had to come from behind to beat Chile.

Player: David Brown - ROI - It pains me to write this but the guy won't stop scoring. Added three more to his tally against Norway in what was supposed to be a good match. Didn't turn out that way though.

Goal: Tavis Workman - Canada - Scored a ripper of a free kick from the top of the box. Hit it extremely hard into the top right corner of the net. Maybe not the nicest goal but hugely important in assuring that Canada advanced to the next round. Honorable mention to the Chile Womens forward who received the ball about 20 yards from the opposition's net and calmly turned and lobbed it over the German keeper.

Pass: Leon Derks - Ukraine - Leon set up the Ukraine goal versus Canada in beautiful fashion. Collected the ball on the top of the Canada box and then back-heeled neatly to an over lapping Ukraine player who slid it home. Pretty to watch.

Gaffe: Keeper - Portugal - I could write an entire post of just goalkeeping mistakes I saw this weekend but I won't. Instead I will focus on this particular one. With just minutes left and Portugal tied 1-1 with Sierra Leone the keeper misjudged a long ball and had it bounce over his head and into the net. Not a great way to lose a game.

Block: Travis Brady - France - This was late in the France - Afghanistan game so a lot of people had already taken off. Afghan had a kick in near half and Travis decided to bravely block the kick in with his face. What really made this block was the reaction after he was hit. He just fell stiffly right onto his back. Not funny that he got hit in the face but a humorous reaction.

Haircut: #27 - Jamaica - Certainly the most interesting hair style I have seen so far. It was kinda like an afro split into two pony tails. I am not sure words can really do it justice.

Peeve: ES vs Laos - This was a game that I had tipped as my game of the round robin and its not that it was a terrible game. There was some great soccer played in it. But the end of the game was hard on the eyes. I know that it was the result that both teams needed but simply standing still while the clock runs out is dull.


Anonymous said...

The France vs Afghan game was the only lively game yesterday after a numerous too boring games.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add a gaffe: The Canada coach wearing the skin tight wife beater. We came to watch soccer dude...not a 'gun show'! WTF? On the topic of Canada that first goal scored against them was a bit of a mess from the GK (falls in the entire post of GK mistakes I guess), but where was he running to? He was almost outside the side of the 18 when that ball went in and he wasn't slowing down.

Anonymous said...

Well blogger why so much hate towards ES.... Or you are upset about Sudan!!! Well partial dude!

Anonymous said...

Cinderella Team of this tournament was Sudan. A great bunch of athletes with tremendous respect for this tournament.
I had a chance to talk to some of them after their last game and they are definitely returning next year with a stronger team - can't wait!
A member of Team Sudan advised there is no tournament like this in Alberta or anywhere that he has been to and wanted to thank the WCP Committee.


Mike Collins said...

I have nothing against ES at all. In fact a I am pretty sure put up about 1/4 of their team at my house last year. But no one can realistically say the end of that game was a must see. Also, yes I do love Sudan! How could you not?

Anonymous said...

not sure how canada did it? simple: tavis ties the game by scoring on a missile free kick and felipe flicks the ball with his back turn to goal leaving the goalie planted ! if they had scored on the chances they created it would have been different but that goes for ukraine too! canada plays good defense but need to score on their offensive chances if they want to make it through...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rahul, but you can't call Sudan the Cinderella story of the tournament. A team that gets third out of five teams is about the furthest thing from. That's not called a Cinderella story. It's called being average. You can ask the wolves, " sure you guys beat united, but how did the season end up for you boys?" At the end of the day, results are what matters and no team not making it out of their group can hold their heads high.