Monday, 11 April 2011

Best of Week 1.

Sunday marked the completion of the 1st week of the tournament. So I thought I would look back and reflect on the Best memories of the week. Here are the best's:


GK : Michal Bandula - Poland - I think everyone knows how well he has played this week. Poland's MVP has kept them in the game on multiple occasions.

Defender: Jarvis Hughybaert - Canada - I don't have room in my midfield so I will move him to my defense where he usually plays. Man-marked Korthius out of game vs. Jamaica and has had a couple other great performances.

Defender: Bryan Murrell - Laos - Has had a lot of playing time at the back and scored a really important goal for Laos against Sudan. Solid tournament so far.

Right Mid: Brett Levis - ROI - Has been scoring goals like crazy. I believe he as at least 6 already. Strong on the ball despite his diminutive size. A great pickup for ROI.

Center Mid: Tong Tong - Still haven't got his name but he has scored some absolute rippers in the tournament. Also has really dictated the game for Sudan as he is as important for Sudan as any other player is to their team.

Center Mid: Reis Cooper - Norway - Reis has been all over the pitch pressuring guys and winning balls. Usually known for his crunching tackles. Reis has found his goalscoring boots in this tournament and leads the way for Norway.

Left Mid: David Patterson - Germany - Anyone who watched Germany v Ukraine saw David pretty much do whatever he wanted. Ran circles around Ukraine defense and has added several goals for his troubles.

Forward: Brett Bachelu - France - Scored 4 goals in one game and an extremely important one in his game against Greece yesterday. Brett's fire power has lead a strong France side.

Forward: David Brown - ROI - May lead the tournament in goalscoring. I'll have to look into it. However, he looks like a favorite for golden boot and scored an audacious lob in one of his earlier games. 

Obviously I can't include everyone so I narrowed it down to the best that I personally saw. Any omissioins? I did have a couple tough choices. Holness, Tavis were both on the cusp of making it but decisions had to be made.



Anonymous said...

#11 on Sudan is a great pick. His name is Tong Tong and is from Calgary. Amazing!!

Mike Collins said...

I can. His name is Lee Mooney and he just came over here from Ireland to visit his father. His father used to play on our team and that how he got hooked up with us. He has been a very strong player for us this tournament.

Anonymous said...

The young guy with the blonde mohawk on your team (ROI) has had some great finishes so far and looked dangerous around the net. Rumor has it he has only been in Canada for 6 days? Is that true?

Anonymous said...

I would give an honorable mention to #2 on Sudan's defense. I don't know his name but he is a beast back there.

Mike Collins said...

I agree. But I believe he missed a game so I couldn't justify to myself to put him in the top few.

Anonymous said...

I heard An interview on the radio and Lee Mooney was on I believe he is hoping to be noticed over their in the hope of a college place. I say one thing that guy sure knows how to play soccer. Best skillful player on the pitch. Thats not taking anything away from the rest on (ROI). But that young lad sure can play. Hope he gets noticed It be a shame to see him go somewere else.