Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bronze Medal Scores

Girls - Brazil (2)  v. Germany  (1)
Goal Scorers:
Brazil -  Megan Ripplinger
Germany - Marita Scriver
Boys - Ukraine (3) v.  Scotland (4)
Goal Scorers:
Ukraine - Spencer Krawczyk (3 goals)
Scotland - Jordan Birrell, Kyle Gabriel, Blair McIntosh (2 Goals)
Women- Chile (1) v. England(2)
Goal Scorers:
Chile - Tania Fuentes
England - Kayla Whitrow, Tayler Firth
Men - Poland (5) v. El Salvador (3)


Anonymous said...

After watching all the matches I wanted to make a draft of a Tournament All-Star Team like they do for other sports.

Tournament MVP:
David Brown: Yes he played for Ireland and the team was stacked. Scored over 20 goals in the tournament and when ES had Brown in his pocket Ireland was not as offensive as they were all tournament.

MVP Runner up:
Brett Bachleu: France was the favorite to win the tournament. As France Played good so did Brett. I could write a lot more on Brett but we all in Regina know his value to Regina soccer.

Alvaro C: A surprise to this years tournament. Known for flashy skills and fancy footwork. Displayed tenacity, hard nosed tackling, and strong defending skills being the only player to shut down Brown. Owner of Tackle of The Tournament with his aerial collision with Lee from Ireland.

WCP 1st Team All-Stars

David Brown (Ireland)
Brett Bachleu (France)

Adam Rolfe (ES)
King Tong (Sudan)
Brett Levis (Ireland)

Alvaro C. (ES)
Sam M (Poland)
Jarvis H. (Canada)
Brendan Garrity (Ireland)

Goal Keeper
Michal Bandula (Poland)

2nd Team

Tavis W. (Canada)
Reis Cooper (Norway)

David Patterson (Germany)
Lee (Ireland)
Sean Riggs (ES)

Benno Looft (Ireland)
Ben Wolfmueller (Austria)
Brian M (Laos)
Spencer V. (ES)

Jonah P.(Ireland)

Honorable Mention:
Mitch C. (ES)
Evan Campbell (Laos)
Boun Pham. (Laos)

Team of the Tournament:
Greece or Sudan: Both had unexpected tournaments. Greece made a huge turn around and gave their community something to cheer for. Sudan came out of no where with high flying action that brought the fans to their feet.

THANK YOU to all the players, coaches and organizers for this event. This brings out the communities from all of Regina and provides and event for us to watch and enjoy. Thank you for another great tournament and some great soccer to watch. All the best to Laos and Ireland in the final and I hope to be able to watch many of you players compete in next years event.

By: Regina soccer supporter and fan

Anonymous said...

4 defenders on an allstar team??? i think ppl want attacking game, Reis is not a striker hes a midfielder take him out of striker and put him in the midfield,throw in Rory Edmunson or Jerson from ES for his replacement. I would go with 3 defenders and throw the extra player in the midfield therefore some of the players i would remove from the list are

Ben W, and Spencer(good players but I want a more attacking game) then throw in Boun, and Jay Tomchuck

Anonymous said...

Tackle of the tournament didn't even hurt... I swear.

Anonymous said...

tackle of the tournament and you make the allstar team? doesnt add up for me, I suppose you can make a coulmn of great things that was done in the tourny, such as goal of the tourny, then tackle of the tourny, etc

Anonymous said...

I think the reference to tackle of the tournament was used to emphasize the whole defending brought by the ES player. ES has always been seen as a terrible defending team, and they held France and ROI to 1 goal between the two teams. A main reason would be the two center backs that played, in particular Alvaro as I never pictured him in the back and I doubt many people did either. Other than Benno from Ireland I don't see a more quality center back after that ES vs Ireland match.
Jay Tomchuk is a quality player but I haven't seen him do much this tournament. Ireland has been blowing out teams yet when I looked to see Tomchuk's name on the golden boot list he was no where to be found. Quality lad tho.