Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Best of the Day. Tuesday.

Team: Greece. Ukraine Women's team looked very strong but everyone knew they were going to win. Greece, fueled on by wanting to prove Julio wrong, came out with another good showing. Their next game is against France and that will be the real measure of how good Greece is. I hope they are up for it.

Goal: Have to go with the Colombia ripper. A shot from the top left of the box that hit the crossbar and went in. Really nice actually.  

Player: I think Crowdis from Ukraines Womens got 2 goals so I'll go with her. A brace is always the sign of a solid performance. Number 3 for Greece had a good performance as well but not the goals to go with it.

Gaffe and Overreaction:
How the Austria player managed to head the ball off the post, have it come back to him and then head it off the crossbar is beyond me. And then the roll around on the ground after the miss yikes. Honorable mention to the Botswana player who missed at the end of his game.

Tyson Piniach. Austria.  Actually managed to forget this somehow my first time through. The Austria player got tangled up and decided to give the Colombia player a little punch.  Not a tackle I know, but anything that earns you a red card is worth mentioning.

The player who scored Greece's second goal celebrated the only way he knew how, by tensing every muscle in his body and running super fast. I am LOLing while I write this. I want Greece to do well just to see that again.

Awesomeness: Botswana player who lines up for a wall facing his own net. Thought it was a one time thing but nope. This could be a big trend setter. No one likes getting hit in the gonads.

I am now tweeting out the scores out right after they end. Can't wait for me to get home and type them up?
Twitter Username: WCPCUP2011

That does it for today. Will be back tomorrow to talk up the huge El Salvador - Sudan game and the even bigger game between Man U and Chelsea. Go Man U!!!

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