Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Golden Boot List. Updated.

Here are the leaders in the race for the golden boot after the round robin. Just for Darko.


David Brown - ROI -14
Brett Levis - ROI -9
Reis Cooper - Norway -7
Lee Mooney  - ROI - 6
Rory Edmundson - France - 6
Brett Bachelu - France - 5


Megan Cormier - Germany -6
Chelsie Dorosh - Ukraine -  5
Mackenzie Bulych - Chile - 4
Taylor Firth - England - 4

Youth Boys

Taylor Hoedel - Scotland - 9
Mike Campbell - Germany - 9
Kieran Colibaba - Ukraine - 7
Marcello Gonzalez - Italy - 5
Matt Scott - Canada - 5
Bryce Hubick - Canada -5

Youth Girls

Courtney Guy - Canada -5
Sierra Huber - England - 5
Shayla Taylor - Canada - 4


Anonymous said...

I think there should be some drug testing done on some of the athletes in this tournament, I know for a fact some players in this tournament are using enchancements

Anonymous said...

Please tell me your joking? You either take this tournament much too seriously and forget this is in Regina and not the Olmypics, or your the biggest moron to share your opinion on this blog and should be banded from playing the sport we all love. Get a life. Drug testing,,, pfft! Idiot!

yadda-yadda said...

hahah, i hope that was a serious comment. please tell us your name so you can receive full recognition for your intelligence.

Mike Collins said...

I don't think enhancement drug are a serious concern.

Anonymous said...

Ya I know there are some players that are doing it too but I wont say names because then I'll get sued or something, but all I know is there are some players doing it and sooner or later it will come out.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I highly doubt anyone is taking drugs to directly benefit themself for this tournament. If someone is taking performance enhancing drugs for "this" tournament then just laugh it off.

I would guess that if there was drug testing for this tournament (which borders on ridiculous to even think that) you would find probably zero performance enhancing stuff and a ton of recreational drugs in somoenes system.

Darko said...

How come I didn't make the list? I have 8 goals scored for Serbia !