Thursday, 7 April 2011

Best of the Day. Thursday. Scores.

Youth Girls:
England 4  Germany 3

Chile 3  Ireland 1

Canada 7  Scotland 0

France 11  Italy 1

It is not going to be easy to pick a best from this day as I found myself wishing that the balcony was just a story or 2 hire. I won't specify why.

Team: England (Youth Girls). Can't really believe I wrote that, but it's deserved. Put together a performance which enabled them to get a big 3 points. Obviously France and Canada were great but that was expected. England had to work harder earn their win.

Game: England vs Germany (Youth Girls). By far the most entertaining of the night. A close hard fought game which was won in the closing minutes. Yep.

Player: Brett Bachelu - Forward - France. You score 4 goals and you pretty much automatically make this list. Finished with authority each and every time. Solid performance.

Save: Tristan Manz - Keeper - France. Dove splendidly to his left to not only stop the ball, which was headed to the top corner, but also managed hold on to it. Edwin Van Der Sar-esque. May actually have been the only save of the night.

Goal: Germany number 15 form Youth Girls. A lobbing effort that caught the keeper off the line. Really nice. Scholan deserves a mention for his effort for France. Lots of goals, not a lot of beauties.

Gaffe: Italys number 24. Kneed the ball over his own keeper magnificently. Splendid shot, wrong net. Honorable mention to any player who kicks the ball out of bounds on the same sideline you are kicking in from. That's poor.

Peeve: Parking. Parking was awful tonight. I get the Norway's curling team wears neat colored pants but how are so many people going to these games. And if you are going to a curling match how are you in any shape to drive home?

Quote: "Judging by their shorts this is France's basketball team. Imagine how their soccer team would have done"


Mike Collins said...

I am trying to get the youth games up there but their earlier start times make them difficult to get too. I would love to pick some more Womens games too but there just haven't been as many which have been as exciting as the men's. On the Men's side there have been some huge upsets as opposed to the Women's where the stronger teams just continue to power through. It's more about the quality of the games, not the quality of the soccer. I hope people understand.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you chose the youth girls team England! This tournament is not only for adults. The men's teams are all everyone talks about. What about the women? There are a lot of great women's teams out there. What about the youth teams? These are our future men and women's players. If your going to allow women and youth's play in the tournament then comment on them as well. They deserve some credit too. Why are only the men's games televised this year? I mean really! It's not a men's tournament.

If you thought the youth England girls played well on Thursday you should have seen their game Saturday against the youth Canada girls! Great game!

Oh and for those of you wish to think the greeks aren't for real. Think again! They came to play and they won't go down easy.