Monday, 4 April 2011

Best of the Day. Sunday.

Team of the day:
Poland.  They came out hungry for a win and not only did they win, they annihilated Germany.  A really strong showing by a team that everybody underrated.  Well done. Have to mention Greece in here too. A team everyone (myself included) wrote off. Greece is now well positioned to make playoffs. I was impressed.

Easy to single out, the goal of the day came from Nigeria's #11.  A shot from behind half that came down just below the Greece keepers outstretched arms.  A beauty and it got them back into the game, for a while.

Poland's keeper, Michel Bandula was phenomenal and made a lot of great saves. I won't say that Poland  would have lost if they hadn't had him but if your teams strategy is "put it on net" he's not the guy you want to face.

Where to start?  Bandula was brilliant.  Probably had 5 saves worth mentioning however I'll go with his whole body of work. He keeps playing that well and he'll be on ROI next year. Kidding.

Nigeria's goalkeeper.  If you watched the game you would agree with me.  Unfortunately tonight Nigeria's goalkeeping was not at the level they needed it to be at. Honorable mention for some horrible reffing decisions including an almost missed penalty and a text book hand ball by the Nigerian keeper.

Reis Cooper's brutal two footed studs up lunge against England.  That's a straight red in any other game.  If the ball leaves the guys foot 10 seconds ago and you're still lunging, you're probably too late. Might have been a record for amount of slide tackles set in the Nigeria-Greece game.

Quote of the day:
"I twit" - Mike Collins

In addition to this post, I would like to encourage more celebrations!  The referees are going to be notified that teams are allowed time for celebrations and the kick off can wait.  Make the $7 worth it for all of those fans who paid. Also France is going to win this whole tournament. Their team is amazing!!!

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