Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Best of the Day. Monday.

I didn't see too many games so please help me out people! I won't be offended if you correct me.
Team of the Day:
Afghanistan. Not a lot to work with as the games were not a joy to watch but a really big win for Afghanistan. They are still going to be in tough against the rest of their pool but this gives them hope. That group is a free for all. Unless you are France and headed to the final for sure.

A couple candidates. I did score a rocket header but I will have to concede to David Brown. His lob of the Portugal keeper was both spectacular and unnecessary. Looked great though, even with Reis trying to steal it.

Like I said I only watched one game. I would nominate Brett Levis for his 3 goals but that would seem pretty biased. Let me know who you think!

The posts. Seriously did they get bigger? Posts were getting hit like crazy all night.

Coming to watch. After the action packed weekend its a little tough to live up to the excitement they created. Games were blowouts except for the Afghanistan - Italy game.

Tackle: I will go with the Nigeria - Greece game from the night before. They put in 2 days worth of slide tackles. So no need to add more.

Laos apparently looked good so I don't want to detract from them. I just didn't watch the game. This is where you guys come in to correct me. Let me know what should actually be on here!

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