Thursday, 14 April 2011

Best of the Day. Thursday. Scores.

Youth Girls

Brazil 6   El Salvador 0


Germany 9  Austria 1


El Salvador 4  Colombia 0
Greece 4  Afghanistan 1

Game: Colombia vs El Salvador - The score is not reflective of how this game should have finished. Colombia missed a penalty, hit two crossbars, and had two cleared off the line by ES defenders. A really good game actually.

Team: Germany Womens - Since none of the teams really upset anyone I will go with the team that put in the most dominant performance. Thats Germany. Beat Austria all over the pitch and scored a couple nice goals. A team looking like they could make a run to the final.

Goal: George - Greece - Sorry I am not going to attempt his last name. His first goal game from a free kick which he floated neatly over the Afghanistan keeper. Expertly done.

Player: George - Greece - Scored the opening two goals for Greece which were needed to set Greece on their way. Has played quite well throughout the whole tournament so probably deserves a shout.

Save: Adam Rolfe - El Salvador - Did extremely well to head a Afghanistan free kick onto the crossbar. Seems like the El Salvador players make more saves than their keeper. This one came at a crucial time.

Gaffe: #10 Greece - A fine set piece by Greece lead to a wide open chance for the Greece man from inside the 6 yard box. Managed to launch it way over somehow. Disappointing effort.

Peeve: Seeing the entire Greece bench yell at the referee for a foul and then when he gives the foul yell that they wanted advantage. Tough crowd to please.

Item Brought to a Game: Wok - Columbia - I saw a Colombian fan walking out with a wok. I can only speculate that it was used to cook stir fry in order to fuel their exceptional fans.

Quote: "Do something smart" - fan. Apparently this was insight into what Greece could do better. Unfortunately I may be dumber for having heard it.


Noor Mitri said...

DAmn it, nothing worse than to leave a game losing 4-1 and not even break a sweat. I was officially sweatless after the game. DAMNNNNNNN IT :( well done greece. good luck to you and hopefully we'll follow you.

Anonymous said...

Greece and ROI are the only real teams in this tournament. WOW. Greece with no losses. Bring it on Canada. You got nothing. Greece has way too many stud soccer players on their team. Only ROI can touch us. This tournament blows. No one can beat us Greece players. Talk all you want. You all know the talent of soccer in Regina especially on Canada SUCKS!!!

hellas united said...

this person who commented above is not part of team greece, team greece has been instructed to not comment on any blog except the manager. yes it might be a greek supporter but does not reflect on the team itself. we put our talk on the field and not on the internet. we have done nothing until we win this tourn ey.its great being undefeated but there are games left to play. thank you

hellas united said...

and mike , better start getting used to typing his name--KOUTSOGIANNOPOULOS(koo-tso-yia-no-poulos)

Coach TEAM HELLAS said...

Collins I like that we are finally getting some shout outs!(Good or bad means some people are finally watching us play) Greatly appreciated. Whether it be an easy pool or that we are just lucky we play hard and with some pride that's it. We might not be at the same level of ROI,FRA,LAO or some other big name teams playing in this WCP but it doesn't deter us from putting up a fight.(We have heavy hands) Is to much publicity bad publicity? If it gets some people out to watch our games keep writing my man. CHEERS, UNITED WE STAND, TEAM HELLAS!

Anonymous said...

France is the best team in the tournament we just beat ourselves against Greece although i will give them props for putting up a fight, now come watch us as we destroy Nigeria and then will destroy Afghan heading in the playoffs with the right set of mind, bring on who ever Es, Sudan or Laos its all good will take care of our business, cheers

Anonymous said...

i still believe France didn't want to win against Greece,but one thing i know we played those guys our first game of the tournament eh don't joke with France.

Anonymous said...

what does Canada have to do with this. Mike , please delete that comment anon 15 April 2011 00:16

Mike Collins said...

I suspect I know who wrote the above comment and ummmmmmmmmmmmmm...... no.