Thursday, 7 April 2011

Best of the Day. Wednesday. Scores.

Youth Girls:
Canada 4   El Salvador 1

El Salvador 11  Austria 0

Norway 3  Serbia 2

Sudan 6  El Salvador 3

Team: Sudan. Of course Sudan, I hyped them since their first game and they lived up to every bit of the hype. Down 3-2 to score 5 unanswered and these were 5 great goals which they earned. They didn't come Sudan-easy. I was going nuts and so was everyone else. The only reason everyone was going so crazy is because El Salvador is a great team and not sure anyone saw this coming.

Player: Tong Tong for Sudan. Scored two goals and not two poor goals either. Two absolute beauties. Wow!

Goal: Number 8 on Italy Womens scored a pretty nice goal but it did not compare to Tong Tong's absolute rip. Down 3-1 he gathered the ball just inside the opposing half and unleashed a shot, no keeper would have saved, to the top right corner. Candidate for goal of the tournament. Completely turned the game around.

Save: This is a tie. Serbia's keeper made a sick save on a ball lobbed over his head which he somehow managed to punch over. Elsewhere, Will Torres, for El Salvador, cleared the ball off the line with his head on a Sudan free kick. Both were extremely impressive.

Gaffe: The pass by the Serbian number 4 to allow Norway's third. Collected the ball from the keeper and then slides it into the middle. Which team are you on?

Question: A player on the Serbian team clearly used a hand ball in the box. It was almost certainly unintentional but if he is doing his best starfish impression shouldn't that be a penalty?

Celebration: Each one of the goals in the Sudan- El Salvador game was celebrated well. Props to all of them.

The Sudan - El Salvador game may have been the best WCP game I ever seen. Congrats to both teams for putting on such a show. If you did not make it down there SHAME ON YOU!

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