Saturday, 2 April 2011

Game Previews

The Game:  Canada vs. Jamaica - Our first look at the group of death. A loss will have either team on the brink of elimination. Tons to be learned from this game. Canada will of course want to keep their stranglehold on Jamaica.

Match ups to watch :

Korthius vs Jarvis - The best defender in the league versus the Korthius. We know Jarvis will be all over him. It's not going to be the type of game Kortho loves, he will have to work for it. As good of battle as you will see. Please watch!

Tavis vs Jamaicas Defense - Canada's game plan is based on the counter. It worked brilliantly in their exhibition game versus El Salvador. If I were Jamaica I would try and slow it down by fouling Tavis like it was going out of style. Also Canada is extremely well coached.

Jamaica vs. History - Jamaica hasn't beat Canada in forever. This is a mountain for them. If they can pull of a win confidence will be flowing. Otherwise their in trouble.

The Game : Ireland vs Germany (Womens) - New comers Ireland (my personal favourite) looked very impressive in their exhibition games.  Last year runners-up will have something to prove. However Ireland may prove to be too strong, let the band wagoning  begin. I'm driving.

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