Sunday, 10 April 2011

Best of the Day. Friday/Saturday.

My apologies for not updating this last night but I didn't see any of the games.

Team: Poland/Colombia.  A toss up for me as Poland came from behind to win 2-1 over a strong Ukraine side.  Anytime that can come from behind and score two goals on Kevin is a strong side.  Colombia also shocked us by beating Sudan 2-1.  Not sure anyone saw this coming except me.  I called this and I want props for it!

Game: All sorts of nominees.  Ukraine/Poland, Germany/Jamaica and Colombia/Sudan were all great but I'm picking Colombia/Sudan.  That's the most shocking result to me and the place was packed with everyone there to see Sudan.  

Player: Kevin Holness.  David Brown scored 4 for ROI and that would normally put you top of the list however Holness put on a real show today.  Not sure the average fan would appreciate what he did but it  was brilliant.

Save: Colombia.  They could not do anything wrong defensively today.  So many balls were cleared off the goal line that you would not believe it.  Made for an exciting game and I still don't know how the goals stayed out.

Goal: Lee Mooney - ROI.  Although it was the one that knocked ROI into double digits, it was an absolute beauty.  Could not have connected with it any sweeter.

Gaffe: The poster that is put up of me.  That's terrible.

I'll post more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I really hope someone does the Randy Savage style interview heres one to look at

Anonymous said...

I think whenever teams are getting the access 7 interview, ppl should do them like wwe wrestling, all tough and crazy would make it more exciting!!