Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Best of the Day. Monday.

Another day of not having much to write about unfortunately but I will give it a shot.

Game: Sudan - Northern Ireland - Really this game was not great to watch but I do have a not-so-secret love affair with Sudan so I will go with that game. Too bad they couldn't have made it through.

Player: Germany Backup Keeper - To our delight got put in for the 2nd half and performed well. A couple solid saves and "The Push". Super stuff.

Goal: Tong Tong - Rose above everyone for another one of his epically powerful headers. Not sure anyone was within 3 meters of him but I won't take away from him because of that.

Pass: Tong Tong - The rare goal/pass combo for the Sudanese front man. On a long ball played in he back-heeled beautifully to an onrushing winger who then greedily went for net from a bad angle. Deserved a ball in front and a finish. Too bad.

Lineup: Germany - For the 2nd half of the Germany game against Scotland, Germany's lineup consisted of 3 keepers. One in net, one as a striker and one on the wing. One of them even managed to pick himself up a goal. Probably won't see that too often.

Tackle: Scotland Player - I missed his number but he came sliding in really late on Germany's back up keeper. This is a bit biased because this was the tackle that preceded "The Push" but it was pretty late so I'll sneak it in here.

Push: Germany Backup Keeper - This was the highlight of the night for me. For those of you unfamiliar with Germany's backup keeper he is probably one of the youngest players in the tournament and is pretty small. However, after the Scotland player put in a late tackle on him, he saw it was going unpunished and he knew he had to take matters into his own hands. Then came "The Push". Two hands right in the back. Amazing!

Dancing: Sudan Fan - Anyone who managed to stay til the end of Sudan - N. Ireland game got a real treat. A Sudan fan, rallied on by his cohorts, took to the field and showed off some of the finest dance moves the WCP Cup has ever seen. Encouraged on by the WCP worker bees, he danced his way off the field to mass cheering. Man that guy could cut a rug!


Anonymous said...

lol,,, i saw " THE PUSH" haha

Anonymous said...

Germany Backup Keeper was 16 year old Kaiden Stewart! Awesome job....loved 'THE PUSH'!