Friday, 15 April 2011

Big Games For Saturday

There are a ton of big games on Saturday so lets get started with the biggest one:

10:00 am Setanta FA CUP Semi Final  Manchester United vs Manchester City 

Manchester City will launch another futile attempt to have this banner removed from Old Trafford. Manchester City have gone 35 years without winning a trophy and I would expect the streak to continue to grow. Since Man City last won a trophy Manchester United has won 11 League titles, 2 European Cups, 8 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 1 FIFA World Club Cup. Manchester is RED!

Next up is SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY for the Women's division starting with:

5:00 pm Germany vs Chile
Two former Champions will rumble in the first game of a solid double header. Expect a tight game which will go down to the wire. This should decide who comes out first in their pool. Polish up your drum cause this ones going to be a banger.

6:00 pm Ukraine vs England
Part two of the double header see last years champions taking on the tournaments best dressed team. This should be Ukraine's toughest test of the round robin as England will be out looking for blood. This could be a potential preview of the final. Though as I am currently watching England play, they are looking less than impressive. England are currently tied with Ukraine on points and have the exact same +/-. This game will be the decider!

After the double header we move to a quad of Mens games starting with

7:00 pm Ukraine vs Canada
I can barely figure Group D out. As far as I can tell Ukraine is not mathematically eliminated yet but they will need to beat both Canada and Jamaica. Canada will look to bounce back from a disappointing defeat to Poland and needs to prove they belong in the 2nd round. Should make for a great game.

8:00 pm Jamaica vs Poland
This one has the makings of an epic game. Poland come in having looked very strong so far. On the other hand Jamaica seems to be just straddling the boarder of being a contender. Will be interesting to see how both teams will come out. I believe Jamaica will once again be missing some personnel so that's something to watch.

9:00 pm Afghanistan vs Nigeria
I am writing this before the France - Nigeria game so things may have changed by then but if Nigeria was to beat France this game will be huge. Whichever team loses will almost certainly be eliminated and if Afghanistan can pull one out it will set them up with a huge match against champs-to-be France. A real meaningful game.

10:00 pm Laos vs El Salvador
Hopefully this lives up to my hype of game of the round robin. I have big expectations for this one.While Laos has already sealed their spot in the next round, El Salvador needs this one to advance. This should be a very offensive games with goals galore. If El Salvador does win it means that fan favorites Sudan are eliminated. So I am imposing a curfew on all Laosian players and trust me I will be calling all of you to ensure you are in bed. Yep starting with you Tony!

Tomorrow is probably the best/most important day of games so..... MAKE IT DOWN THERE!!!!!!
Group standings to follow.


Anonymous said...

umm hate to bring it up but way better game tommorow is the El Classico, FA Cup? really...get over Man U, they arnt even Manchesters real club, but they do win Trpohies and have a sick TEAM/Manager, but just tryin to give a heads up to the La Liga and how it truly has the biggest domestic league match up in Europe with Barca and Real Madrid, might as well watch both games then head down for some girl vs girl action with Chile vs Germany and stay to watch Laos beat ES!! SSS

Also I am taking Canada, Jamaica tomm followed by the Afgahns and Laosians, Im a big fan of how there have been basically no ties besides Frances last second heroics vs Greece

Anonymous said...

Yeah man stop talking about that crappy ass EPL. It sucks, nobody likes the EPL anymore. It is over-hyped like the WCP Norway team.

Anonymous said...

EPL is the best league out there, La Liga is shit, theres only 2-4 good teams in that league the rest are pure garbage, oh and saying well Barcelona is just that good, think again Arsenal beat them and Arsenal isnt even that good

Anonymous said...

EPL is the best league out there, La Liga is poor, theres only 2-4 good teams in that league the rest are pure garbage, oh and saying well Barcelona is just that good, think again Arsenal beat them and Arsenal isnt even that good

Anonymous said...

ppl only like EPL here in Canada cuz they grew up with it on TV and great marketing by the big clubs obviously helps people choose their favorite teams, look at this years stats for leading scorers in the top 3 leagues....the PLs top scorer is Berbatov who hasnt scored very much lately and thx to a 5 goal effort in one game sits at just 21 goals in 32 games while La Liga has Messi and Ronaldo at 29 & 28 respectively and Serie A's top scorers start at 26, theres just less goals and excitement in an PL game, not taking anything away from the PL's top clubs cuz they tend ro represent well in Champs and Europa league but thats mostly cuz of the foreigners on those teams, branch out and watch and respect other countries footy!!

Anonymous said...

the EPL is the best for the following reasons

1. pays the best
2. it is the fastest league and entertaing with crazy fans
3. most international players in one league without a doubt
4. the relegation battles means so much if a team is relegated that team will lose so much money.
5. So much history in the teams and honor playing for any premier team

Anonymous said...

no updates for saturday/sunday games? come on i need my updates

Anonymous said...

ill go with one of the better goals of weekend was polands free kick snipe that went top corner vs jamaica beauty