Friday, 8 April 2011

Games for Friday Night.

Youth Boys:  Canada vs Ukraine

Men's: Ukraine vs Poland
           ROI vs England
           Colombia vs Northern Ireland

Obviously the game to watch is Ukraine vs Poland. Both had strong showings in and their first games and both really need to get 3 points here to keep pace with Canada. This will be an interesting one. Poland are a fast, hard working bunch who out performed what was supposed to be a strong German side. Ukraine only beat Scotland so they don't have a tough game under their belt. However, I think tactically they are the superior team. Ukraine will sit back and soak up pressure and eventually Poland will commit too many guys forward leaving them susceptible at the back. Prediction 3-1 Ukraine.

What are your predictions? How bout for the other games?


Anonymous said...

I think Laos has a better chance of losing to El Salvador than France has of losing to anyone in their group. So it's possible they will meet in the quarter finals.

Pele' said...

All the best teams need to continue to show the separation in levels. This will force the weaker teams to improve their roster each year which in turn increases the level of competition.
P.S: Why do teams play with 3 defenders against the opposition's lone striker?