Monday, 11 April 2011

Best of the Day. Sunday.

Might have been the best day of games so far so I have a lot to work with.

Game: Can't pick one. The block of games that contained Poland vs Canada, Greece vs France, and Germany vs Ukraine were all great. Really good stuff  from all those teams. 

Team: Greece. Tempting to pick Poland because of their strong result against Canada or Germany because they played well. But Greece produced the most surprising result. Came in with a solid game plan and stuck with it. Soaked up the pressure and scored whenever they got a chance. Never trailed throughout the entire game. Greece are for real!

Player: David Patterson - Germany.  Bossed the show throughout the entire game against Ukraine. Gave Ukraine fits at the back as they could not get the ball off him. Scored the first goal with a great lobbing effort over a huge keeper.

Tackle: ZACH Cabylis - Greece. This was a football hit. I was commentating when this things happened. Wow, he sprinted 20 yards and put his shoulder into the poor France player. You could hear it from where I was sitting. Certainly deserving of the yellow card he got. Props to the France player for getting up after that one.

Goal: Greece's 4th. Missed the goal scorer but it was great. Broke down the right side and looked like he had run himself out of room only to unleash a devastating blast that nearly took off the France keepers head. Could have been Patterson's lob or Sarazen's nice flick and hit for Poland. But I'll stick with this one.

Gaffe: Greece's defense after they scored. Every time Greece scored they forgot that they had to defend after. Never have I seen a team get scored on so quickly, and so often right after they've scored.

Save: Michal Bandula - Poland. Not really a specific save but more the entire body of work. Another terrific performance. A few good ones again today. Greece keeper had everything stick to him didn't let out a single rebound so he deserves a shout too.

My apologies to Zach Cabylis', didn't get his name right in my broadcast. Was not intentional! Check back today as I will my Best of for the entire 1st week. Peace.


Anonymous said...

if it's a tie no one really won....if you had a keeper you'd of won. congrats to you guys though you have walked the walk boys!

Anonymous said...

greece wont win any games
Greece wins 1st game
greece wont win any more games
Greece wins 2nd game
greece has NO chance against France
Greece TIES but GREECE really won


stefan papandreos scored greece's
4th goal (second of the night) and george koutsogianopoulos scored the other two goals for greece(george had 2 hours of sleep the night before) he made the greece banner which was draped at the dj booth. WHAT A GAME! Credit for both teams but Greece outplayed France. I think we have our sleeper team. NEW NAME,NEW LOGO, NEW ATTITUDE.We are finally HELLAS UNITED

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the garbage about Greece has no chance against France. Did you watched the game. They didn't lose the lead all game. Ha ha, makes me laugh. France is got nothing. Also, France won't beat ROI so get over it.

Anonymous said...

If Greece picks up a good goalie next year, they will be a great team. The goalie they had could have made some of those saves for sure. No one wants to play on a bad team, and there are some really good goalies on bad teams, so I'm sure you Greece guys can find a good keeper. Good luck the rest of the way.

Mike Collins said...

i just think France know what they were doing, they didnt want to loose nor win the game, look at it this way, everytime Greece scores just within a minute or seconds away France score or they just just put too much pressure and after that they just relax and chill. Don't joke with France.

Anonymous said...

France did not do any talking before the tournament. It has been put out there by the writer of this blog by no means does that indicate the way France thinks. The writer has been putting all this hype on France to take it off of his team. Every favorite is beatable in this tournament if they do not come to play and the other team sticks to there game plan and comes out playing hard. So congrats to Greece for the tie you have proven that you are a good team that works hard and has a great game plan.

Anonymous said...

France is a humble bunch of guys. The person writing this blog has purposely pumped France up as he plays on ROI. I imagine he is using this to take pressure off his team and it seems to be working with mindless fools like yourself. Good luck to all teams heading into the playoff battles.

Anonymous said...

i thought there goalie kept them in that game, no rebounds everything was sticking on him although he could have done better on the 3rd goal, reece is not a good team but they work hard and block shots all game around, but congrats on yo game plan and sticking to it, was an enjoyable game to watch from the stands, and definately france is beatable the only team hard to beat is ROI but if u try anything can happen in this tournament, i would love it if France dont make it coz they talked too much before how they will walk over teams