Sunday, 3 April 2011

Best of the day. Saturday Edition:

Here is my recap of the best of the day for Saturday:

Team of the Day:
Sudan. Can their be anyone else? The only close game there was. Sudan was far and away the surprise team of the day. Should have beat Laos and are the most athletic team ever. I swear everyone on their team has a 40 inch vertical and could out run a deer. My new favorite.

Tavis vs. Jamaica  - A couple candidates to choose from including Bryan Murrells winner and Irelands great passing move. But I will go with Tavis's goal against Jamaica. Takes on 2 defenders, leaves them in his dust and scoops the keeper. Beauty.

Again some options. Tavis had a great game for Canada as did Levis for ROI but I have to go with number 11 from Sudan. Didn't quite get his name but was all over the field and should have scored the tying goal. Had all sorts of moves.

Evan Campbell. Laos' keeper held them in the game. Not too many brilliant saves but a lot of important ones. Especially a huge save that came with two minutes left denying every fan a Sudan equalizer.

Jamaicas whole team. Wow, who saw that coming. Canada is not an offensive powerhouse by any means.  This was a drubbing, Jamaica may as well have not shown up, the game would have been closer. A lot of hype and no show.

Always a few dirty tackles but none nearly as dirty as the one the guy from Sudan out in against Boun. Boun you are lucky to have a head.

Quote of the Day: 
"Ukraine sucks"  - Shomari Williams

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