Friday, 1 April 2011

Things We Love About Soccer/WCP

One day away from the tournament so its time for us to remember why we all love it so much. Here's the list of the things we love:

1. Lung Busting Runs - That player who has just made a 40 yard run forward sees their team turn the ball over and instead of pouting sprints 60 yards the other way to win the ball back. Love that guy.

2. Underdogs - Everyone loves to cheer for a team that has no business even being in the game. ie. Norway vs ROI (I hate that example). The idea that on any given day a bunch of no names could walk on the field and beat one of the big teams is what makes every game worth watching.

3. Inventive Celebrations - There definitely needs to be more celebrations in this tournament. I tire of the same old centipede, shoe shine, ball grenade routines. I challenge you people to get creative! I will personally buy a case for the best celebration I see. Lets make it happen people. Here is some inspiration. Though if you celebrate like that after a penalty its pretty lame.

4. People Not Paying Attention Getting Hit With The Ball - Alright I probably shouldn't love this but I think secretly we all do a little. The person who is standing behind the net chatting to someone instead of watching the game gets hit by the ball. Yeah that's right there's a soccer game going on. What justice. And for some reason the person is always holding a drink. It will happen again this year. Watch for it.

5. The New Blog - Yep, this is nothing more than a shameless plug. Tell your friends.

6. Nutmegs - That defender who just gets way too tight to his man and is left grasping at straws as it goes through his legs is priceless. Not to mention when its accompanied by the entire crowd yelling "Ooohhh!". Not so great when it happens to you.

7. Post Game Dressing Room Sessions - By far the best way for a team to bond. Sit around with the team and discuss the game and the goings-on from the night before over a nice cold coke. What could be better?

8. People Watching From Up Top - Hanging out over the railing and being able to see everyone who comes and goes. I know a few guys who particularly enjoy this. And when you finally see someone you know you have that awkward yelling conversation from up top to the main level because you're both too lazy to use the stairs. Maybe that's just me.

9. The Rumor Mill - Trying to decipher who is playing where and which rumors are true is half the fun of this tournament. So much speculation and hardly any reliable sources makes knowing what is true and what's not nearly impossible.

10. The Final/Cabaret - The must see soccer event of the year. The place is packed and the tension is palpable. Always the best game of the tournament. Add in that everyone then goes to the Lazy Owl where you can't walk to steps without bumping into someone you know. It's just like Cheers but with more dancing.

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