Thursday, 11 April 2013

WCP Cup Statement

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013 the WCP Cup held its Men's Quarterfinal games at the Credit Union EventPlex.  Results are:

7:00 pm -France 6 v. Nigeria 6 (France wins 4-2 in shootouts)
8:00 pm -Afghanistan 5 v. Serbia 1
9:00 pm -Jamaica 3 v. Ireland 1
10:00 pm -Poland 4 v. Sudan 1

The WCP Cup Semifinal games for both Men and Women will take place on Friday, April 12, 2013 with the following games:

6:30 pm -Women: Scotland v. Poland
  7:30 pm -Men: France v. Afghanistan
  8:30 pm -Women: Ukraine v. Germany
  9:30 pm -Men: Jamaica v. Poland

In addition, the WCP Cup Organizing Committee would like to comment on the circumstances of the game between Team Poland and Team Sudan which has been getting some social media discussion as well as media attention.

During the middle of the second half there was a scuffle between the two teams that resulted from a hard tackle followed by an equally hard retaliation.  Various players from both benches came together with a little pushing and shoving.  While there were individuals from both teams that were involved in the scuffle, there were also a significant number of players and coaches from both teams that kept cool heads and assisted in defusing the situation.  As a result of the scuffle, the referee analyzed the situation and ejected four players (two from each team) from the game.

The WCP Cup Organizing Committee would like to be clear that while a scuffle like this is not a typical occurrence and not what the WCP Cup multicultural sporting event likes to see, it was by no means an event that went beyond the normal scuffles that happen in all levels of competitive sporting events (soccer, hockey, basketball, co-ed touch football, etc.).  The referee dealt with the situation, applied the laws of the game and the game resumed play.

The game resumed play and approximately 15 minutes later, an entirely separate incident occurred that was not associated with the previous scuffle.  Another hard tackle occurred by a Team Sudan player against a Team Poland player.  As a result of the tackle, the referee game the Team Sudan player a red card and ejected him from the game.  As a result of the ejection, the Team Sudan player struck the referee.

At the time the referee was struck, there was only a short amount of time left in the game and as a result, a decision by the officiating crew was made to end the game.  Prior to this decision, the Team Sudan player left the field of play (which is required as a result of an ejection).

The WCP Cup Organizing Committee would like to be clear that the incident where the referee was struck was not associated with the previous team scuffle.  When the game was ended, both teams very admirably separated themselves in order to make sure further incidents did not occur. Both teams eventually made their way back to their respective dressing rooms without incident. The fans and cultural communities for both Team Poland as well as Team Sudan, while stunned by the way the game ended, remained respectful and positive and stayed true to the WCP Cup vision that all cultural groups can come together in a respectful and peaceful way.

The WCP Cup Organizing Committee takes the position that the striking by a player of an official is outside of the scope of the game and as such, the local authorities were contacted by the WCP Cup Organizing Committee.  The player who struck the referee had already left the Team Sudan dressing room prior to Team Sudan as a whole returning following the game being called and as such was not able to be interviewed by the local authorities upon their arrival.  The WCP Cup Organizing Committee has cooperated with local authorities and will continue to cooperate in the future if so requested.

The WCP Cup Organizing Committee would like to thank the various members of both Team Poland and Team Sudan who assisted in calming the situation down and making sure that further incidents did not result.  The WCP Cup Discipline Committee will review the five ejections and will deal with those situations as is deemed appropriate.

Yours truly,
The WCP Cup Organizing Committee


Anonymous said...

shame on the players taunting the sudan supporters. shame on the players and fans not concerned for the referee.

And huge shame for the handful of violent Sudan players esp the coward who punched the referee.

Do we know if the referee is alright! good luck to him

Anonymous said...

Please help out the Regina Police Service. See link below. Sudan player fled and no one has helped the Regina Police Service as of yet. Why are the Sudan players not speaking up? Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Last night a couple of my kids and I went to see the men’s quarterfinal games. We happened to be sitting in the middle of the Sudanese fans which made things uncomfortably interesting. Once Poland won, a couple of Polish players came over to taunt the Sudanese fans, pea-cocking around while pointing to their Polish jerseys. This display was met with hand gestures from the Sudanese fans. At the same time the Polish fans (and other non-Sudanese fans) were mostly booing Team Sudan, while the Polish fans set off the last of their Dollar Store confetti bombs. I was worried that the violence might spill over into the crowd, but the fans were pretty good with the exception of a few young bucks. The Eventplex staff tried to keep the sides apart and started to tell them to go home. No one really listened. After 15 minutes a half a dozen police showed up to take the Ref’s statement and possibly arrest the player. The crowd then started to disperse.

Condolences to all involved, but truly an epic spectacle.

Anonymous said...

This is my link. It's way better. Check out my video. Keep the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

Polish fans are always and always will be irritating, rowdy, and rude. I call them the IRR's! You can't expect any less from them. Disrespect is in the air during Poland games. That is certain. I avoid them at all cost. A couple of the people I know, which is a shame because I shake my head every time I see them. WCP CUP time brings out the worst people, I swear by that.

Anonymous said...

Annon 19:19

please tell me how the polish fans were disrespectful last night?

Anonymous said...

The IRR's. Nice. I'll keep that in mind for next year and CHANT "IRR" everytime their stupid "POLSKA GOALA" crap gets yelled (which is quite often).

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Polish fans will never admit to being a nuisance but numerous people have already posted stating otherwise. It's a shame as many Polish fans post on this blog, but I would never expect them to admit they were in the wrong.
Anyone remember the embarrassing incident last year after Poland lost to Sudan? I was worried the referee was going to get assaulted then. As previously stated by many... not the first time Poland has been in the middle of something and definitely not the last time. How is telling the Sudan players to go back to where they came from not borderline racist? How is taunting and insulting the Sudan players positive?

Common people Poland is just as guilty as Sudan for the events that lead to complete chaos.


Anonymous said...

the polish players never told the sudan players to go back to where they came from, where you got this from is beyond me, and how did they taunt and insult the players? even if they did, did u not see what the sudan players did to them all game especially second half

sudan just doesn't know how to lose, everything was fine and dandy last year when they won! they were all celebrating and cheering. the finally lose a meaningful game this year and their true colours came out. they knew they had lost already when it was 4-1, so being aggressive is all they had left

Anonymous said...

Peter, I agree with you 100%.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 19:55, I bet you are not Polish fan. If you are, you must be blind. LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope Poland loses tomorrow I truly do

PolishPlayboy said...

I was one of those guys that ran to the crowd to taunt...and I have no idea why. I don't really have an aggressive or violent bone in my body. But when playing in this tournament or any semi competitive sport.. the worst does come out in me. I sincerely apologize to the women and children who make up the Sudan fan base. That was disgusting on my part and on a few of our other players. It seems to me that when emotions run high, all common sense courtesy , decency or rationality goes out the window. Thinking back to it now it's like wtf...what was the point of that? How did that make you feel better. Anyway. This tournament is so much more than what happened last night. I'm sorry to the fans of the tournament.

Anonymous said...

Peter i disagree with you 100%,

Painting all players from a team or all fans for a team with one brush is a mistake. I hope people that think this or write it on the blog eventually realize that simple fact.

Individual people make their own decisions and need to be accountable for them.

I saw alot of good sudan players and sudan fans, and alot of good polish players and fans.

Remember that and move forward.

Anonymous said...

Peter I 100% agree with you. I was there and that's exactly what happened. It's a gong show. These polish supporters think they are all innocent. It sickens me. You know who you are, and you know what you said. Things don't need to be repeated. Show some respect Polish supporters.

Anonymous said...

It's ok PolishPlayboy. Thank you for the apology. At least we have one person who can admit to their mistakes. It takes a big person to do that. As for the other polish fans, I'm disgusted. Hiding behind your computers and saying you didn't do anything is b.s. I was there.

Anonymous said...

saying poland is at fault for starting the whole thing by using the "it takes two to tango" card is hilarious. it suggests poland should have remained on their bench while 30 sudanese giants sprinted at their teammate - all due to a mere push. Ha

Anonymous said...

I have great respect for Noor. Possibly the biggest class act. People have been beeking him on the blog all tourny for nothing and he has remained silent. He is not the best goalie anymore, but he is easily in the top half of goalies. I saw him trying to break up the brawl and i'm sure he is ashamed to be apart of that game. What a classy guy

-Anonymous fan

Anonymous said...

Anon at 21:41
LOL One thing I know is there were not even 25 persons on Sudan's bench, let along 30. I suggested you go back to school on counting. Well wait... maybe you are one of those so called patriotic Polish fans. If I can recall right, Polish empty their bench first. Get the fact straight before you made any comments.

Anonymous said...

I've been following the events very closely since last night and I’ve decided i would finally say something.

First I truly do feel sorry for the ref and hope he gets well soon.

Most of you are unaware of another incident that occurred during the game last night. Team Sudan’s defender #2 Matt was struck on the head by Poland players, Matt was dazed and was on the ground unconscious, the ref came and asked that he be escorted (carried)off the field so play could continue. At which point he was taken to the ambulance but he regained consciousness, After the Game and the events that unfolded Matt reported that he felt a numb sensation and headaches he was take to Pasque hospital. Matt was at the hospital till 3-4 AM After a few tests the Doctor stated that Matt has sustained a Concussion, after he was discharged a Team Sudan manager took him immediately to the Airport and sent him to Calgary so he could be with his family and see if he needed further treatment. Get well soon Matt.

I’m a huge fan of this Blog, However, I feel as if though majority of the people commenting (sharing opinions) are placing too much blame on Sudan and with little to no blame being placed on the acts committed by Poland.

The Sudanese fans in Regina are but a small number consisting of mainly parents and children. I’ve meet with a lot of these families and in all honestly they are a very proud and caring people. For a small community in a city the size of Regina, WCP is a means for them to become more involved and recognized within the community and join the many different cultures within this wonderful city. Team Sudan to them is something precious and dear, especially to the young fans. The young ones who were born in Canada and are yet to see where their parents were from, the young one who come out to every game whether they have school the next day or not and cheer with all their heart and soul for their team and country. For the parents of these young fans WCP CUP is an opportunity for their children to learn about their homeland and become more involved, they cheer with their young ones during every game and strive to show that they too can express themselves like everyone one else in the stands (I’ve noticed sitting on the stands that when Sudan scores a goal most heads immediately turn towards the Sudan supporters section). The Sudan Fans are not just Sudanese but are a true reflection of a Multicultural Canada.

WCPCUP is a yearly event that truly promotes multiculturalism and pride just like Mosaic. Yet most individuals on this Blog want to see Sudan as a WHOLE banned for the actions committed by an INDIVIDUAL, doesn’t seem entirely fair. How about the insults and mockery the Sudan fans faced and witnessed from the acts of SOME (Not All) of the polish fans and players. Are you really going to Turn the other way on these actions and focus only on what ONE INDIVIDUAL DID?

Taking Team Sudan out would be a huge blow for WCPCUP as a lot of people, whether Sudan fans or non-Sudan fans, come out and watch this team play. I think that action should be taken but banning Sudan goes against what WCPCUP is trying to promote “bring so many different cultures together under one roof.” - Kevin Holiness

-------Concerned Fan

Anonymous said...

^^ word!

Anonymous said...

Wow there are a lot of comments on here arguing every which way. I think out of all the comments the one that shows the best insight is Julio's as I agree that everyone needs to be held accountable for their own actions and that fans have taken it overboard. I also agree with Peter and the anonymous poster that claims to have been there as I've seen the Polish fans get out of control over less.

Polish Playboi takes a an adult to say what you did, but takes a man to go out there and follow through of making a right from their wrongs. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

"Various players from both benches came together with a little pushing and shoving" Seems to me that this is a clear understatement. I watched Alex get sucker punched and a flying ninja kick to somebody's back.

"by no means an event that went beyond the normal scuffles that happen in all levels of competitive sporting events", a little bit more here since this is a recreational event. Its not very often that you see assaults at a sporting event where the only real prize is pride so it shouldn't be compared to events where millions of dollars and careers are at stake.

"The fans and cultural communities for both Team Poland as well as Team Sudan, while stunned by the way the game ended, remained respectful and positive and stayed true to the WCP Cup vision that all cultural groups can come together in a respectful and peaceful way" and a blatant lie since I saw fans threatening one another and some of the Poland players giving the finger to the fans.

Well, looks like we'll just try to sweep this under the rug and move on as quickly as possible. Great Job Organizing committee! Looks like you don't plan on changing anything to make this tournament better for the community or the numerous families that want to come watch. Hopefully we can have more teams in the tournament next year and charge more at the door! This is hardly frustrating at all.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't it have been Julio Foolio that got punched. It had to be an old man ref who really sucks to be honest. Next time maybe the Fool will get punched and we can all laugh? Can we pencil that in for next year, along with Mooney getting spanked? I think so.

Anonymous said...

PolishPlayboy aka Bartosz aka polishpimpsta you are a fool. Julio aka Alvaro was a fool, Clockcleaner aka Riley Meloche was a fool. You are all fools. I figured out who you all were. You are all supreme idiots. Nothing will get by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Concerned fan.

Sudan player was not struck in head, he jumped three feet in aur to get to header and fell on his jaw. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:41 - perhaps you should consider English lessons before criticizing someone else's counting. Just a thought.

@Cam_Lag said...

Well tonight for the semis, it will be hard to choose winning teams because all four teams have a legitimate shot at going all the way. The true deciding factors involved are the jerseys.

Let's start with the first matchup, France vs Afghan. I haven't seen Afghanistan's alternate jerseys yet but I must say, their white kits are nothing special. Just an ordinary bland jersey, not as exciting as their previous 241 jerseys they've had in the past, considering I haven't seen France wear white this tourney, I assume Afghan will wear white.
Now France can definately win this game, if, and ONLY IF they wear the blue jerseys. The Red ones are atrocious and look to have been picked up in Macklemore's closet. This being said, the Blue jerseys far outdo the Afghan's and will ensure victory. RED jerseys= blowout loss for France. BLUE = comfortable victory.

@Cam_Lag said...

Poland vs. Jamaica.
Both teams have respectable kits, I haven't seen Poland's red jerseys (assuming their alternate is red) yet but if it is anything like their whites, it is classy. Unforunately for them, even their white jers with red shorts are not as nice as Jamaica's all white. with that beind said, Jamaica's all white is not even close to the same level as their all blacks. If you have been following, Jamaica can not lose this game based on jerseys alone unless they try to wear black shorts with white jerseys... it should be their's for the taking.
Look good, feel good, play good!
Good luck teams.

@Cam_Lag said...

And for women's,

Ukraine vs. Germany
As a Colombia player I favor yellow. Ukraine wins.

Scotland vs. Poland
As I said Poland's are classy, Scotland's are by no means an ugly kit but gotta give the edge to Polska.

Anonymous said...

22:54 nailed it. The general tone of that statement told me "we aren't doing anything, let the cops handle it". Very weak move and incredibly disappointed that the committee doesn't have the balls to eep some integrity in the tournament.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed to read this fluff...players and fans reacted badly on both sides.

Anonymous said...

For the random guy saying that Julio should be punched, what is wrong with you? You are a complete moron! You are the only fool as everyone knows who Julio and Clock cleaner are. It was never a secret.

I hope Mike starts to monitor these guys posts are I am starting to wonder why Mike keeps approving them if he isn't somewhat involved.

If Julio doesn't knock you out. I'd love to see someone show you exactly what your place in life is.