Tuesday, 2 April 2013

New Power Rankings

1. France (1) - Nothing to change here. Still look like the team to beat.

2. Laos (2) - Destroying Korea only helps maintain their spot.

3. Sudan (8) - Move them back up now that they have their whole team back. Absolutely demolished El Salvador. Sudan look scary again.

4. Canada (5) - Canada move passed Nigeria because of Nigeria's loss to Hungary. Huge game with Poland will ultimately decide their fate.

5. Nigeria (4) - As stated above they drop below Canada because of their loss to Hungary. We will find out if they are better than Poland or not.

6. Poland (7) - Poland move back up to their original spot. They haven't lost but  they are grinding out wins and still have the 2 best teams to play. Need only one win to get through.

7. Afghanistan (3) - Drop several spots because of a tie with Germany. Germany played well that game though and they are still buoyed by a fantastic tie with Laos.

8. Jamaica (9) - Climb a spot after beating Germany but they still have their 2 hardest games to go. Fate is in their hands.

I know I am going to get ripped here but these next teams are so close it's very tough.

9. ROI (6) - This is where things get really confusing. I think ROI will make it out of their group but that was a horrific loss to Serbia. Believe they have more talent.

10. Germany (12) - Yes I know. Germany loses to Jamaica and I move them up 2 spots. This team has some skill. Just a tough pool.

11. Hungary (15) - After a stinker against Norway they kept it close with Poland and beat Nigeria. That moves them up 5.

12. Norway (14) - Norway played a tight game against Poland but have ended up in a very tough group. Would probably get out of group D.

13. El Salvador (11) - Again on paper they are good but they got annihilated by Sudan. Annihilated.

14. Serbia (13) - Here comes the criticism. Yep I know they beat ROI but they also lost to Scotland so there is that.

15. Greece (16) - No wins but have kept some games close against very tough competition. Plus they have Taso

16. Portugal (21) - Move ahead of Colombia after there win. Getting it together too late.

17. Colombia (10) - They are done but managed to beat Scotland.

18. Scotland (18) - Still have a win which puts them ahead of a few teams.

19. Italy (13) - I had them up at 13 because they kept it close with ES. Turns out that didn't mean much.

20. Northern Ireland (19) - Win over South Korea doesn't get them anywhere.
21. South Korea (17) - Lost to Northern Ireland. No chance of a win now.

22. Djibouti (22) - Are in the worst pool and I can't see them winning a game. Not good.

23. Somalia (23) - Nothing new here. Still not very good.


Anonymous said...

I think this power rankings is more accurate than the rest. Great job in coming up with this!

Anonymous said...

I think you are counting out Columbia too soon.
With a win last night Columbia remains in contention as long as they beat Serbia. Imagine if Portugal and Scotland tie and Ireland wins both of their matches.
Ireland would finish first and Columbia would finish second by means of Head to Head results.
Technically Serbia sits a top of Group D that you should just switch the two around to please the people (Ireland and Serbia switch in rankings). I really think Columbia can beat Serbia as Scotland did it and they beat Scotland last night.
The wildcard is what will happen in the Portugal vs Scotland game. A Scotland win means a 3 way tie and at the moment Serbia has the best goal differential.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the game to watch is Portugal vs. Scotland. But before that is Portugal vs. Ireland. Also agree Serbia better not try to coast through the Columbia game.

Predicting Serbia and Ireland to get through, but Portugal isn't done yet, and who knows what mathematical choas will ensue if Ireland loses to Portugal and Serbia loses to Columbia!

Anonymous said...

We are not going to lose to Portugal in facts we will hit double digits, I will get atleast 6 goals.

- B.N.R.

Anonymous said...

There will be a five way tie for first and no one will want to figure it out so Djibouti will be the only team to go through and the other quarter will have a bye.

Anonymous said...

Last nights results? Wish you would post everydays results

Anonymous said...

I would like to say good luck to all teams in the tournament! especially to Canada! go Canada!

Kayln Kyle

Anonymous said...

Scotland will go through first, Serbia second.

Anonymous said...

ROI will lose to Portugal on Friday when Lee gets sent off, followed by Julio. This will put Portugal in a good position to advance.

Anonymous said...

When that DOES happend dont be surprise if Lee gets a spanking or a slap in front of the crowd from his coach

Anonymous said...

Teams 20, 21, 22, 23 should just stay playing rec league soccer and let the top talent play amongst each other as there is clearly a difference in class.
Someone who knows!

Anonymous said...

I guess the Norway Blog is reporting that Evraz may go on striker as of tommorow! not sure how much truth it is to it, but what a disaster if this was to happend!

Anonymous said...

Teams 20, 21,22,23 should just stay playing in there rec league soccer and let the quality teams play amongst each other. There is clearly a difference in talent. STOP BEING PYLONS OUT THERE.

Anonymous said...

I would guess that the strike would just kibosh the beer sales and minor maintenance (which isn't great anyways.

As for the power rankings I would say they are pretty accurate. For Pool D being apparently the weakest pool I think I've seen some of the most exciting games in that group. Some major upsets (not one remotely expected ROI to lose let alone get crushed by Serbia). Who would have thought that the 2nd playoff spot in this pool will be a crap shoot between 4 teams until the final games?

It hasn't been Premier soccer overall, but with every team in that pool smelling blood with a chance for wins and a playoff spot for the first time in years. That Scotland/Colombia games was actually a decent one to watch. Back and forth all game. Scotland countered Colombia's pace with some aggressive solid tackling and both teams had great scoring chances and defensive play to spark their team.

Mike Collins said...

Evraz will not be striking. Terms have been agreed.

Anonymous said...

the best game was Scotland v Colombia?? are you serious? i dunno what you have smoking, the best was probably Afghan v Germany, Canada V Nigeria, and Hungary v Nigeria

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the best game (soccer skill-wise). Haven't been there to watch too many. But Group D is providing the highest level of Group Suspense! What other group has as much parity between the teams? Everyone's got spanked by someone else so far! Every other group pretty much have seperated the best from the rest. This group is all (except one) clustered in the middle fighting for their lives!

Anonymous said...

Whoever says that the bottom teams should not play forgot thay laos didn't win a game their first few years.. now look at them.

Anonymous said...

correction, laos did not win a game in their first year, however, when they decided they no longer wanted players of heritage they miraculously got competetive