Saturday, 13 April 2013

Finals Preview

Women’s Final Scotland vs. Germany

This is going to be a close game but Scotland is likely the favourite As a new team, they have proven themselves to be strong competitors in this tournament, finishing first in their strong pool and defeating Poland in the semi finals. At the same time, Germany finished first in their pool and beat the three time defending champs, Ukraine. Scotland is going into the final game with 29 goals and has current leading goal scorer Tayler Firth. Germany currently has 16 goals and has Meagan Cormier, golden boot winner for the past two years. Scotland is a younger, quicker team, while Germany has experienced vets with their strength through the midfield. Both teams will have to play their best in order to come out on top! Scotland 3-2.

Men's Final France vs Poland

These are 2 teams with very different strategies. France are a calm composed team that will want the ball at their feet and will build from the back. Possession is the name of their game and I imagine they will have a lot of it. Poland on the other hand will out work and out tackle to try and get the win. They are a run and gun style team that will try and attack on the counter. Which should make this very interesting. Unfortunately, what I actually think this game is going to come down to is depth. France has had a relatively easy way to the final beating Nigeria and then having a walkabout/nap against Afghan while winning 6 nothing. Poland on the other hand had to literally scrap out a win against Sudan and then took a few casualties in their game against Jamaica. France continue to get stronger adding Benno. While it seems as though Poland have lost Sarazin, as well as sustaining injuries to both Jay and Dane. I think in the end those injuries will be too much too overcome so I am picking France. 3-1.

Good luck to everyone involved.

And don't forget to bring your old soccer stuff to help out the Cougar Women's team.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Mike, except that the final will be more one-sided for France.

They are a good team and deserve to be in the final, and their path to it has been a physical cakewalk.

Emotion and tough play has taken Poland a long way, and though they are also deserving to be here, they are a depleted squad.

Take 5 key players off of France and play the game. But that won't happen so...

France by 4.

Anonymous said...

No one likes Poland anyways, who cares. They are a team full of show boats.

Congrats to FRANCE!!!! Very deserved win and for a great team full of some amazingly humble players from Regina. Not like Poland. High hype, High EGO's. Get real. You guys will never win this tournament with those kind of attitudes. No one likes you. Might be you guys hated more than ROI for your actions the past few weeks here (including arrogant polish fans).

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with whoever posted that ^^

Anonymous said...

^^ Then maybe you two should kiss?


Hahahahaha. You sound bitter bro. Is it because everyone slept on Poland and they ended up kicking ass this year? Because they actually get fans out to their games? Did they beat your team or something? Keep crying little boy, your sh*t's weak.

High hype? Nobody predicted Poland to win a single game after making it out of the round robin, what are even you talking about? They had a harder road to the final with Sudan and Jamaica too.

Egos? Showboats? Like who. There weren't many big names on their team this year and they didn't have to rely on 2 or 3 players to score all of their goals. They played harder than everyone else and that's why they made it so far.

Sh*t-talking clowns like you are what is ruining this blog.

Congrats to both France AND Poland, two teams that have never been in the finals before this year.

Anonymous said...

the following players on Poland should not be allowed to play again in the tournament

all of them.

that is all, thank you for you time

Edward Nigma

Anonymous said...

Based on.. what exactly?

Anonymous said...

Because Poland is a bunch of sucky babies especially the goalie . I'm glad Poland lost hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

No one likes Poland except the hundreds of fans that cheer them on. And Anon 11:47 - maybe you should put on your "Big boy" pants so you don't sound like a schoolyard whiner. Oh, and in soccer, the player in net is a "keeper" not a "goalie". The rinks are a bit farther north - maybe you were in the wrong venue.