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I haven't been doing any posting this tournament for my own reasons, but I will address last night's brawl.

So what happened? (Anyone who has a different viewpoint, feel free to voice it) Poland and Sudan met last year in the quarterfinals, and it was a scrappy game. This year was quite similar. This year's quarterfinal had a lot of emotions running high, as the Poland fans were out in full force with songs and chants, while the Sudan fans were as passionate as ever. At midway through the second half, Poland was up 3-1, and that's when the game really took a turn for the worst. A very hard slide tackle on a Polish player in front of the Poland bench set off their team, who proceeded to get the Sudan player out of the way. This set off the Sudan team, who rushed over to defend their player. Both teams then started pushing back and forth, and then the chaos started. Refs being pushed, punches being thrown, I was even told there was flying ninja kick. I'm surprised no one walked away with worse injuries. The coaches, the referees, and the players were all involved in some way. The Sudan coach was livid at the referee, and had to have his team hold him back. Multiple players on both teams were angry, and had to have their calm players settle everyone down. Eventually, both teams went back to their benches. The referee gave two red cards to Poland, and two red cards to Sudan. The ejected players made their way out, and the ref decided to resume the game at that point. Bad idea. Tensions were sky-high, and with about four minutes left, it was clear that this game wasn't going to end quietly. Poland scored one more goal to make it 4-1, and it didn't take long before another Sudan player put in an extremely hard tackle on a Polish player. It was inevitable. The ref, in an effort to assert his authority, held up a third Sudan red card. At midfield in plain view of the entire crowd, and not a millisecond later, the Sudan player punched the referee in the face, knocking him out. Officials and volunteers rushed to his side, and the crowd was on its feet. Fans were screaming at Sudan, and fans were getting into arguments in the crowd. Sudan left the field soon after, escorted by volunteers and security. Fans booed Sudan to their dressing room. They were yelling at the players, antagonizing them, and understandably some Sudan players yelled back and got into tussles with them. It was then clear that Sudan had gone from tournament darling to scourge of soccer...quite the turnaround. Once Sudan was in, Poland left the field to their dressing room for a very quiet victory celebration. Police were called, and were reviewing pictures and video to determine what the next steps will be. It was very unfortunate, because soccer fans at the facility received a great night of soccer that ended with nothing soccer-related whatsoever.

Poland and Sudan played a very good game for the most part, but it devolved into mockery of a soccer game. It was a shameful way to end the night. Fans also have to take accountability for their actions, and there were many awful comments directed at both teams. Not just in the last quarterfinal, but in all the games. This tournament is supposed to be a multicultural celebration of soccer, and on an Anti-Bullying day like yesterday, it devolved into a disgrace. So what happens next? Long-term suspensions will happen, but for who? These are the questions the organizing commitee will be dealing with for awhile, and rest assured that disciplinary action will be taken.

Last night was, and always will be, a bad mark on the tournament. But all is not lost. It's up to the fans, the remaining teams, the volunteers, and the cultural communities to bring the respect back to the remainder of this tournament. Be supportive of all the teams, regardless of their skin color,  their language, or their skill. Hatefulness has no place in this tournament. For years, the WCP Cup has brought cultures together fantastically. I've met tons of great people from different communities, and I've had a blast sitting in the stands surrounded by fans of different countries. This tournament is an amazing event. Last night is over, so let's make the best of the remainder of this tournament. It won't be forgotten, but we need to learn from this. Cheer loud for the team you support, talk to the people beside you, and have some fun. Don't forget what this tournament is about, and do your part to make it great.

Brief Quarterfinal Recap

France vs. Nigeria - 6-6 (France shoot-out victory 4-2)
France came out flat, letting in two early goals, but charged back hard to make it 3-2 before half. Nigeria kept pressing though, and played very well. The game went back and forth, with France ahead 6-5 in the closing minute. Unfortunately for France, Nigeria was able to knock one in off the crossbar right at the very end. In shootout, France was able to finally claim victory.

Afghanistan vs. Serbia - 5-1 Afghanistan
Afghanistan was in control from the start, although Serbia did cut the lead to 2-1 just after halftime in hopes of making it interesting. Afghanistan answered right back, and didn't look back.

Ireland vs. Jamaica - 3-1 Jamaica
Ireland came out firing at the start, and looked to be in control of the game. They were possessing the ball quite well, and getting some chances, but couldn't put many away. They look the lead 1-0, but Jamaica tied it 1-1 just before halftime. The game evened out in the second half, and looked like it could go either way. Jamaica struck first, going up 2-1 about halfway through the second half. An own goal sealed Ireland's fate near the end of the game.

Poland vs. Sudan - Poland 4-1
The evening's most anticipated game was shockingly one-sided. Sudan could barely get a shot away, as Poland's defence locked down Sudan's striking force. Poland, on the other hand, buried their chances, and looked comfortably in control. Up 3-1 in a very scrappy game, the Polish bench cleared with an exceptionally hard tackle. Sudan's bench cleared and a fight ensued before the game could be settled down. Red cards were given, and Poland scored once more to seal the victory soon after. The game ended when a Sudan player punched the referee.

Clock Cleaner


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Riley with this post. I understand how players need to take accountability for their own actions but the fans also need to realize that they have crossed a line.

The booing, mocking and antagonizing does very little to make a chaotic situation better. I noticed on FB this morning a video of the "brawl" and what really took me back was how much louder the Polish fans started chanting during the chaos. I am all for chants and cheering, but how is chanting louder during mayhem going to help the situation to defuse.

I wasn't there but after reading the post by Riley it really sounds that the people in the stands where a catalyst to possibly creating further mayhem after the match was ended. Fortunately this didn't occur, but people need to realize that their actions and comments eventually have ramifications. Some people take this event too seriously and if you say the wrong thing to someone, things can turn sour really quick and that really takes away from the event.

I know Sudan is at fault, but Poland is also to blame. This is not the first time Poland has been caught in the cross hairs of a heated situation. I have nothing against the Polish fans or the Polish team, but maybe take a moment to step back and reassess how this situation could have somewhat been avoided. So nothing against the Polish fans, as I know full well that it was probably the random fans that did more to make the situation worse than it should have ever been.

At the end of the day, every single person is accountable for their own actions and some of the fault has to be placed on the referee's in this tournament as well. Either the refs seem to let too much go, or some of them are letting their emotions get the best of them. I have heard many players complaining about comments made to them by refs and ultimately some people react poorly to being insulted like that.

To end of my novel, I can't say I hate Sudan now. The actions of one game shouldn't take away completely from their passion and their desire to play. They made mistakes last night and that is learning opportunity not only for them but for everyone involved in the tournament. I heard about many of the posts that were not published on this blog, that people posting need to smarten up a bit. When your comments are derogatory and racist there is something wrong with that and that shouldn't continue.

- Julio

Anonymous said...

Well Said Mike


Anonymous said...

Might need to post a new "most hated team" poll after this incident. Haha

Anonymous said...

No way tackle's made by Lee Mooney last night are far more dangerous that any Sudan punch that was thrown!!!
Plus really drinking before a game is a lot more dangerous than one small punch!!!!

-The Joker

Soccer Fan said...

I disagree about statements about Polish team being at fault and fans as well.

Polish team might be at fault for dirty game , which was both ways , but in no way you can say they are at fault for Sudan's player punching ref, that is just messed up.

Fans booing is totaly fine as well, we all came there to enjoy great game of soccer , but it ended this way, i think it is just natural reacton from fans to show Sudans team that this was unacceptable. Players should have just left with their heads down quite, but they were screaming back at fans, so thats why it got escalated.

I hope Sudan gets banned from tournament at least for next cup.

Anonymous said...

This year was my first time as a spectator for WCP games and it has really opened my eyes to the level of players in Regina. Watching the France/Nigeria game was the highlight so far of the tournament. I had not seen such accuate passing and ball control. The pace of the game combined with good goal keeping keep me on the edge of my seat for the whole match. I wish I had brought my son to see that game.

The middle to games were average games for the tournament. They had a high level of play but were a little one-sided.

The last game of the night was exciting but for all the wrong reasons.


Anonymous said...

As a spectator, I believe its unfair to give much if any blame for the events last night to the Poland team. I personally thought they handled it relatively well, especially considering how high emotions were flying. Sudan was the team that looked like they lost all care for consequences since they were getting outplayed by Poland.

The initial bench brawl occurred because a Poland player pushed a Sudan player after two ridiculous studs up tackles in a matter of 10 seconds on the exact same player in possession. At some point, if the ref isn't going to make a call on this dangerous play, you have to stick up for your teammate. Its an innate instinct. Imagine a comrade, a brother taking studs to his ankles twice in 10 seconds, pretty sure you would be in there too. If the ref doesn't make the call, how can you defend yourselves from injury? So he understandably pushed him, and then Sudan takes the event ten miles over the top, and clears their bench. Once all was "resolved" Poland continued to play legitimate soccer and popped another goal in. See ya Sudan! Well, not quite, better knock the ref out first.. Nice to see Poland players help the ref after the game instead of continue bickering at the Sudan team. Even with tempers this high I think Poland at least tried to keep their heads on their shoulders and I respect them for that.

Props to all teams in the semi's! Cant wait for friday!

Anonymous said...

I don't know but didn't the ref blow his whistle for that crazy stud tackle in front of the Poland bench before the brawl??? I think the Polish players started to take actions out against the Sudan player before the ref took action with cards. It looks to me that both teams were involved with this embarrassing event of the game.

Anonymous said...

comments regarding who started what or who's at fault are moot. arguing over it is counter-productive to what we should be focusing on which is enjoying the rest of the tournament. it happened. it was a disgusting display. it's over. let's just get on with it.

Anonymous said...

LOL "flying ninja kick"

Soccer Fan said...

nobody is arguing , ppl just voicing their opinions , just like you did

Annoyed Canadian player said...

The truth of the whole matter is that these refs all need to be taught very well as at times the are one sided and confused, that was what they did to the Nigerian team like i watched the penalty shoot out and why will a goalie tell a lines man what to do thats just not fair!! and believe you me team Nigeria deserved that win but the refs ruined it for them.

Anonymous said...

Both teams should be out and the fans that think it's okay to etc in a negative manner should be out too!! It's not's horrible!! Violence is NOT the answer neither is encouraging it or taunting with the negative contributions! Not what soccer should be about! I hope the rest of the tournament goes well without incident! Also, why would you have a poll for the most hated team?!? WTH? Why not have most loved team. ~Concerned Auntie of an amazing WCP Under 12 player

Anonymous said...

Riley why are you posting on Collin's blog. Just curious as you have your own. Why didn't you update and do your blog this year? It was actually not bad.

I also wanted to say that I thought the Serbia vs. Afghan game was going to be more entertaining. I heard Darko was a good player, and that he was in the running for the golden boot. I didn't see much from the guy the whole game. It was disappointing as I heard a lot of talk about the guy. Very disappointing.

The ROI game could have gone either way. ROI looked flat footed towards the end of the game, not sure what was going on. ROI has some great players, but they do need an upgrade in the keeper department. Try to find a good one next year.

One thing I do think the blog needs, is a list of managers/team captains e-mails so people can contact teams if they are interested in trying out.

Just a suggestion. Some people are new to the city, and have no idea who to talk to.

Good luck to all the teams in the semi-finals.

Anonymous said...

So Poland vs. France final? I think so. Poland wins the final 5-2. France is the defense and keeping to win the tourney. Peto not all that. Just average at best.

Anonymous said...

There was brutal reffing all night. They need a fourth official and the refs have to show their superiority and handle the games in a better way then rather not calling anything or just tossing cards for the hell of it!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said semi finals should be awesome.

Anonymous said...

As a spectator neither chearing for Sudan or Poland this game will not be forgotten, tempers flared and emotions got the best of many players on both teams. Sudan clearing their bench was uncalled for, seems to me they sensed they were being outplayed by team Poland and they couldn't keep composure and their dignity. In regards to the booing... What else are people suppose to do clap and congratulate? Are refs now going to be in fear of their health and safety now? Because a Sudan player let his pride get the best of him. I hope that the accused player that struck the ref never plays in an organized game ever again. He displayed no respect to an official who was just doing his job, and I read on a news page that some people believe that the ref deserved it, c'mon people smarten up. I love the tournament and hope to enjoy more games.

Anonymous said...

Who were the goal scores last night?

Anonymous said...

there is no way you can punch out a ref. if anything the ref (if unfair) should be reviewed (if there is a grievance from a team)by the RSA who picked these loons. Like that idiot who said Nigeria's goalie was off the line before the penalty was struck, or the other loon who kept giving kick ins to Afghan against Serbia when the ball clearly went out off a Afhgan player. I say the guy with long hair and tattoos should ref the final (not that I am promoting long hair and tattoos just don't know the guys name)

-loved by few hated by many

Anonymous said...

12:12, You hit the nail on the head. Plain and simple, the ref lost control of the game. Sudan was clearly frustrated in the second half, and for whatever reason the ref wasn't giving out cards or even making calls for what were clearly malicious tackles. At some point you need to enforce the rules of the game for the safety of the players, and when you don't then tensions rise and stuff like this happens.

12:58, Don't be ignorant dude. It never should have gotten to that point in the first place. Where was the call on the first tackle? Or the 3 before that? Where were the yellow cards? Sure, both teams were involved, but to say they are equally at fault in what went down is ridiculous.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would have seen that Sudan completely overreacted to the little push that sparked the brawl. Sudan immediately cleared their bench, Poland came in afterwards when punches and flying kicks started getting thrown. Does anyone seriously think that Poland would have cleared their bench if one of their players took a little shove after a dirty tackle? Their players were getting chopped down for a good 5 minutes and they didn't do any stupid shit like that. Some guy on Sudan takes a push and suddenly it's time to start busting heads? Right. I guess it's only fair to say that both teams got overly violent because they couldn't take a loss. /sarcasm

A player on Poland got ejected for showing a cleat mark he took to the back, and that he didn't feel safe playing. Refs reply? "Well if you don't want to play then you don't have to play, get out of here" *red card*. That's right folks, a red card for getting kicked on the back and showing some regard for the safety of his team.

After that was all said and done, there was another disgusting play on the ball which could have ended a lot worse than it did. I find it fitting that his little power trip over a player worried about the safety of the game was followed by him getting floored.

Anyways, there's my 2 cents from what I saw. I doubt we'll be seeing anything like that in semis or finals.

Anonymous said...

Poland and Sudan, two countries who's hearts burn with passion for this game. Soccer is a contact sport. One thing is playing strong another thing is being violent.. Last night was a good game. I have to admit that I was enjoying the game up to the second half. When the first bench brawl took place it was initially the Polish who began with the shoving. Being a 50/50 pushing spree between the players from opposing teams,both benches immediatly cleared to go aid their players. The teams were both pushing back and forth until the officials managed to seperate the two teams. In the end to the first face-off, two red cards were gven to each team. This was in the end, the smart thing to do. A fair call for both sides, fair, and even. Players were calmed but remained high tempered. This game was going no where better. Continuing with the game, two penalties should have been clearly awarded to Sudan. Sudan's player Tong Tong being grabbed in the Polish keeper's 18 yard box not once, but twice. This seemed to anger the Sudan players, which is understandable. Not that long after Sudan slided a polish player. This was a foul but not a direct red. to retaliate, The Sudan player immediatly struck the ref's jaw, knocking him out cold and causing him to be on the pitch face down. The Ref was down for about 3 minutes, having many officials, and volunteers rush to his help. Sudan immediatly walked off the field. Poland was having their wonderfully annoying crowd cheer, by raising their hands and having them get louder. Even though what sudan did was immensly irrational and disrespectful, Having poland boo and scream at the Sudan players that walk by was extremly idiotic and very ignorant. I havev a video of the Sudan players walking by and A polish fan throwing water at him from his water bottle. The polish were screaming things such as "Learn to play" "Stupid" "Poor sportsmanship" "Leave and dont come back". etc. Bullying them wasn't intelligent. I'm not defending the Sudan team because what the one player did by hitting the ref was just..stupid? In the long run, if you think of it...Is it worth it? Is it worth having to go through all this? Is the prize really that amazing or big that you have to get to this point. Sudan might have gotten out of control but it's the refs fault from the start. If a ref doesn't have the balls to control the teams, and set the rules, then don't do it. Keep the game under control! The ref was being weak and just plain old stupid. He did in someway deserve the punch. But violance is never the answer. Bullying and fighting isn't always physical, such as what sudan displayed. It is also verbal, exacly what Poland displayed. This wouldn't have escalated to the point it did if it wasn't for Poland, along with Sudan. I blame not Just Sudan. I blame both teams, and the ref equally.

A Futbol fan, referee, and a player.

Anonymous said...

i dont think the ref did a bad job at all. i think he controlled it well. i think there were several sudan players that were going to cause problems if they were losing, regardless.

Im sorry he got punched, i hope he is alright, and no i did not see a single player showing any consideration towards the referee. he could of been seriously hurt, mean while there were one or two poland players taunting the sudan fans ( who do you think you are - david beckham) Also Poland fans cheering and setting off those banger things while the referee is still on the ground cold! shocking

As for Sudan - poor dirty team who are lucky to be as tall as they are cause they lack skill and lack discipline. That player will hopefully be getting charges pressed against him!

As for this tournament in general - Its awesome, really big event for such a small city! However....... it lacks heart and patriotism. Ive seen a couple people singing their national anthem. Not a single person sang between Ireland and Jamaica. Too many egos and hard men, not enough good sportsmanship and fair play.

Im sorry for what happened last night, especially Sudan because i find their fans awesome. Loud cheering, drums and last years "vuvuzelas" (spelling) were cool!

Fans - why so critical and negative? why bitch and moan about individual players?

cant we drink the beer, enjoy the goals, possibly get some hot chicks to serve hot dogs, get the tunes pumping. and hope the poor teams improve to make it even better the next year! kudos to the smaller teams and shame on the bigger ones who bash!

Good luck to The teams on friday and fair play to the smaller teams who didnt make it.

Anonymous said...

Why the heck are you deleting posts? Important posts? Explain yourself Collins. This blog blows.

Anonymous said...

Links to help Regina Police should not be deleted. What are you doing. Are you hiding something. Post what is necessary. What are you doing Collins?

Anonymous said...

Men should not act like children just because someone lets them. NOT THE REFS FAULT. Players take the ownership. 100%

Anonymous said...

just to clear something up for those who blame the ref in the nigeria france game. nigeria still missed 2 of their penalty's... whether the goalie was off the line on frances first kick or he wasnt doesnt matter. Nigeria played very well that game. it was an exciting back and forth game. its always a shame to lose in a shootout but to blame the ref watching the line for the loss is just false. nigeria still missed their penalties...

Anonymous said...

How can you say in some way the ref deserved the punch then go to say violence is not the answer? Nobody deserves to get punched ever.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 18:03 don't be an ass. nigeria most probably missed their penalties because the cancellation of the france missed penalty for a retake must have demoralized the whole team's moral. if u are a good soccer fan/follower u will know that just one stupid and wrong call could totally change a game. i don't know if the goalie was out of his line or not but one thing i know is that the polish goalie influenced the decision of the linesman and that was why it took the linesman forever to call the attention of the ref which is really a poor officiating.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have the nerve to say the ref deserved being punched out by the Sudan player who was upset from being given the red. And you call yourself a referee and I bet you weren't selected to referee in this tournament. Bitter maybe or don't know the rules to handle WCP games right. Let me know when you ref next so the team players get reminded to show violent acts towards your reffn decisions! Grow up and think about what you say! For me , I think the ref did well considering the high intense battle between these two fan team favorites. Hope he isn't too hurt from the violent act from this #12Sudan coward.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Unbelievable what happened really. For all the games Ive watched all my life i never thought id see it live, let alone right infront of me. What i take away from this match, ref was piss poor and wasnt making the big boy calls he shouldve made when it needed it, instead he just let the tempers build up to a point where it was too late for cards. The two red cards for each teams were stupid a.d unjustified. What exactly did the other polish and sudanese player do? Dumb ref thought 2 extra red cards will calm things down. And the last red card was unnecessary, its nlt just my opinion but many others wbo are saying that at most it was a yellow considering all the challenges in that game. Still i Dont want to say refs fault for getting ko'd but better judgement would be appreciated. Dumb move by the Sudan player.

Poland played great, keeping their defence intact was what got them the win. But many poor tackles that they shouldnt have made. Sudan on the other hand, had everything going against them (hate to say but even the ref) what didnt help was the fact that at times when Poland was playing rough they responded the same way. I have no doubt if they just kept their heads down and played their game they would have got their second and then their goals but seeing as how they fell to poland's level they didnt deserve it obviously.

Anonymous said...

falling to polands level?
poland dominated that game from the start. what did sudan do all game? launch it in the box every time from every! sorry but that doesn't work against poland as theyre defenders are almost equally as tall plus they actually have a good gk who can collect the ball

PolishPlayboy said...

Our fans are our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles.....etc. who all share one thing above all else in common. We are all one family from the same mother, her name is Polska. The people that are coming on the blogs and criticizing/condemning the actions of the Polish fans after the game, clearly have not been to a Riders playoff or grey cup loss.

Think back, if you will, to the things you see and hear at professional sporting events such as Rider games or your local Winnipeg Jets hockey games (even Pats games for crying out loud). Now think to a time you were at an international soccer match where the two countries facing off were long time rivals, the fans are always beaking obscenities constantly.... There are constantly terrible things coming out of peoples mouths. When you are in the stands passionate about the game at hand , your countries pride on the line and in the hands of your son, cousin, can't run on the field and protect him when there's 15 men charging at him yelling punching kicking. All they have is their voice and words. I'd love to see any one of you react after someone threatens your childs safety on the field and then punches the official on the field. I understand that you all have points of view. Some of them seem to come from your rear. But I don't blame our fans for booing the Sudan team and telling them to "go home and not come back" or "stupid". I agree it wasn't nice, and I think most of the Sudan players seem to be good guys. But come on, Mike Collins has heard a lot worse then "go home stupid head" or "poor sport"from the stands in the last 6 years, and he isn't going around knocking officials out...(you haven't done that have you? I didn't watch every Ireland game or league game like some of your blog stalkers...)
one last thing:

People think that players shouldn't get so serious about this tournament..if we didn't take the games seriously there would never be an argument with an official, never be a dirty challenge, never a dirty look or profanity exchange...but unfortunately it's something we look forward to year round so it makes sense that it's a big deal to participants and also part of what makes it so special.

I feel like last nights booing was a negative that met the negative action of only 4 or 5 players from the opposing team. That doesn't make it right from your point of view, but that's part of the atmosphere of these games. There's nothing multicultural about punching a ref

Anonymous said...

Watching the game last night really made me sick. I enjoy the world cup. I have played in it and been a spectator for most of the years. It truly is a great event for the city. However, it used to be about culture but mostly about fun in the first couple of years. From there it became simply about winning. There used to be rules that at least attempted to make the teams fair like elite player limit rules and rules about playing all of the members of your squad. Teams began working really hard to bend or circumvent those rules because they just wanted to win so bad. It soon became about loading your squad with all the best players, bringing in players from all over Canada, and even poaching players from other teams to make the best teams possible.

Once the competitive attitudes started, the insulting came soon after. This blog is a great example of how disgusting this tournament is becoming. People come on here and insult people, their families, their teammates, their cultures, and so on. There are a number of people who are on here constantly that say terrible things to people then justify it by saying people shouldn't take things so seriously. Well look at the tournament itself, people take it so seriously that they are willing to fight one another and assault referees if they are not winning. People just don't think about one another the way they should anymore.
Last night I watched a heated game that really wasn't out of control until one incident happened. Just prior to the polish player being fouled and the scuffle ensuing, a Sudan player was fouled and the ref did not call it. I think the Sudan players were upset about this and their tempers boiled over because the next foul was pretty rough and the Polish player reacted with anger to it. During the scuffle I saw three major fouls. I saw a polish player grab a Sudanese player around the neck pulling him away from the crowd, which was quite rough. I saw a Polish player get sucker punched by a Sudanese player and I also saw flying kick to a Polish player's back. In the separate incident of the player being red carded and then punching the ref in the face, I am positive that the Sudanese player attempted to strike the Polish player in the face with his forearm/elbow and deserved his red card, even if he didn't contact the player in the face. The intent was clearly there.
In the end, I don't believe any of the violent actions were justified. Players really need to take responsibility for their actions. There are always children watching. WHAT TYPE OF EXAMPLE ARE WE SETTING FOR THEM BY FOCUSING ON WINNING AT ALL COSTS, INSULTING AND BULLYING ONE ANOTHER ON THIS BLOG AND BECOMING PHYSICALLY VIOLENT WHEN WE DON'T WIN A GAME. I'll repeat that, A GAME people. There are far more important things in the world than winning the WCP Cup. This tournament needs some changes, so hopefully the organizing committee can do something about it.

Anonymous said...

I stand behind your comment a 100%

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anon 20:30. While any competitive tournament brings out and "we want to win" attitude this tournament is going way overboard with it's focus on game results. This is a rec tournament where the multicultural aspect is more important than the games. It sets a brutal example for the younger teams (the future of this tournament). There is so much potential for this tournament to create a positive environment of respecting differences, celebrating everyone's culture and enjoying the world's game. Instead we have a blog that divides people with name calling and disrespect and players starting fights.

Garbage like last night totally turns me off from this tournament. I know it's just a couple players ruining it, but it's a rec tournament...there are ZERO reasons to take it so serious that fights and assaults are happening, especially assaulting an official.

Anonymous said...

I like how everyone wants the ref to call games tighter, but during the game players get mad that everything is being called, then after the game they bitch that it was either one sided, to tight or not safe. Instead of bitching about it take a ref clinic and actually ref a game. They are trying there best to do a good job but there is also a thing called human error. I also like how no one is bitching that so and so player missed is PK or how the player hit the post in his game or how the keeper in the game played like shit. It always on the ref, there is also 18 other people on the field that make mistake. It is easy to blame one person for things going wrong but until people take blame for there own mistake or actions during a game your always going to be a amatur player that will be stuck in regina and your goalie life is to win the wcp cup. Also another thing just because you played the game for ever and coached doesn't mean you know the laws of the game, how many people have actually read the laws of the game. Just because people are so used to house rules and then when you get a ref that actually knows what he is doing doesn't mean he is a shitty ref, just means he actually know how to ref the game with the laws of the game.

Anonymous said...

Polands Red cards:

1 given to a random player (which should have gone to the person who actually did the initial shove, and normally this would actually only warrant a yellow card)

1 given to a player that got kicked in the back, for voicing his concern over how violent the game was getting.

Sudans Red cards:

1 given to a player for (I assume) sucker punching a player

1 given to a player for spartan kicking a player in the back

1 given to a player for taking a guy out mid air, then subsequently hitting the ref

You do the math. We can argue semantics all day about what was called and what should have been, but at the end of the day which side really made this game violent? Sure taunting the fans could be seen as distasteful, but that's all it is at the end of the day. It's not against the rules to taunt your opposition, and to equate that to physical violence is just absurd.

@17:46 What were you looking at? A handfull of Polish players were checking to see if the ref was alright, including one of the coaches, and they called for a medic at one point. I have a picture of it. Where were the Sudan players? Oh right, walking off the pitch.

On that note, I was standing right there and I honestly don't think the Sudan player hit him hard enough to be laying motionless on the ground for 5 minutes. By no means did he deserve to be hit, and refs should never even be touched, but it looked a little strange from my angle. Who knows, maybe the guy is super strong.

The taunting happened at the end of the game from what I saw, but I'll take a taunt to the crowd over a bout of senseless violence any day. Both teams have some blame to take, but those making it out to look like it was equally bad on both sides need to get your heads out of the gutter.

- Reasonable WCP player

Anonymous said...

Read it again.... Falling to polands level in terms of unsportsmanship. Next time you wanna use your keyboard and the thing you call brain then i suggest you atleast read the comment first.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. The refs seemed super. Nervous and like they were perposely favouring Poland. The refs didn't call any of the pushing on tong tong in the box. Sudan should've been awarded a penalty for sure. What the Sudan guy did was very wrong but they were just getting so frustrated with the officiating and the nagging on of the Poland players and fans.

Anonymous said...

Our fans are our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles.....etc. who all share one thing above all else in common. We are all one family from the same mother, her name is Judy Wosik. The people that are coming on the blogs and criticizing/condemning the actions of the Polish fans after the game, clearly have not been to any kind of sports games where people care!

Anonymous said...

20:30 you are the man!!! good job!

Anonymous said...

After all this, Nr 10 from Poland and Nr 5 from Sudan should be banned from Regina soccer for a couple of years. Nr 17 from Poland provoking and starting a mess should also be considered for that. It's not only the re-actions of the players that should be punished ! The provocation should also be dealt with, and that came from both sides. Nr 5 from Sudan is an aggressive player who cannot control himself, quite often during the season he has caused havoc and hurt people with his nonsense tackles and lack of fair play. Going after Nr 10 and punching him behind the referees back was coward like, Nr 10 from Poland with the shove started that while mess that was boiling for quite a while. I feel bad for the ref, who could not control a situation that somehow span out of control, with some of his actins fuelling the whole mess. The fans from Poland ! Enough said ! A few rotten apples from both side and a ref not able to control them caused this perfect storm !

Anonymous said...

Anon 09:17

This matches what I saw as well.

Anonymous said...

My take on all this...

1st and foremost why is the media masking the Sudan player's name? This is a one sided story where the name should be made public and this player should be held accountable.

Sports bring high emotions and sometimes poor decision making. I think the real sadness comes from young kids walking around by their parents stating "the ref got what he deservered" that should be curbed immediately.

People need to remember that this is not a professional tournament and people have professional work careers to return to the next day.

My vote for WCP sanctions:

- Sudan HC 1/2-1 year suspension for unacceptable behaviour. Players respond to coaches who need to be in control. 2 players restraining their coach is unacceptable.

- Sudan team, 2 year ban from WCP. Unfortunately, a precedent needs to be made that teams are accountable for all their players. Sorry, Sudan.

- Sudan boxer, (wish I knew his name to make it public) banned from all organized soccer. You don't touch officials, period!

Anonymous said...

In hockey, 50% of referees never officiate more than one season, the reasons why should be obvious (abuse!). For all the posters complaining about how the soccer referee failed in the Poland vs. Sudan game, how about becoming a soccer referee? I'm sure it is a lot harder from on the field.

If the soccer committee wants to prevent future incidents then each team should have to pay a $1,000 bond (in addition to the normal tournament fee). That bond would be repaid at completion of the tournament and would be forfeit if there is any abuse of an official (or failure to show up at all, as per Somalia).

There is no excuse for hitting a referee, ever.


Anonymous said...

Well Said! I am tired about hearing from posters and fans watching upstairs how bad the refs are in this tournament too. Easy to complain when u are not out there on the turf with so many high intensed players. I pity those refs all there with so many players causing trouble every chance possible. We see FIFA refs miss a lot of things too and they have a better view of the action on bigger field than our poor turf one. For the $1000 bond idea on ref abuse, I wonder if it will help cover the ideal that ref has to go thru from such an assault or will WCP pocket it. I don't think so! Enough said so let's enjoy the rest of the tournament and stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

If you want Sudan to be banned then Poland has to be banned to coz they were involved in that caos, lets all be grown ups and not be one sided, yes what the Sudanese player did was in acceptable and shouldn't have happened but in the heated moment with emotions running hight ppl do things they would never have done in there rite state of mind, we've all done something in a heated moment we not proud of so stop all this judgment going on, learn from the situation an move on,