Friday, 12 April 2013

Support Cougar Women in Aid Project

Cougar women's soccer team involved in humanitarian social projects in Pachuca, Mexico.

From May 1 to 15, twenty one (21) players from the U of R Cougar Women's Soccer program are heading to Pachuca, Mexico to offer their assistance in four separate youth based social projects. This personal growth experience for our players has been made possible by the UR International office and representatives from Tecnologico de Monterrey, in Pachuca.
As part of our efforts, we would like to take as many gently used soccer items as possible to distribute to children and youth within the communities we shall visit. Gently used items that would be suitable include: soccer cleats, soccer shorts, soccer shirts, soccer balls.

As a player and supporter of the "world's game", we would greatly appreciate your support of this worthy project by bringing as many of the above items as possible and deposit them in the Bins of Hope that shall be placed in the Eventplex during the WCP Cup Finals on Saturday, April 13.
Thank you to those who are able to contribute items and the WCP Cup committee for their support of this project. Your thoughtfulness will bring great joy to those who receive your generous donations.

Bob Maltman
Cougar Women's Soccer Program


Anonymous said...

Handshakes and heartfelt hugs between jamaica and poland tonight after a hard fought exciting game that went to extra time and shootouts.

That was soccer boys. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, you're doing fantastic things with your program. The on-field development is fantastic but the off-field development is to be admired. You are recruiting and helping to develop some fine young women there. Keep doing what you're doing. You and your team deserve all the success you are having. Congratulations!