Friday, 12 April 2013

Semi Final Preview

Scotland vs. Poland

Scotland are the obvious favourites in this one, having finished first in their difficult group. They are skilled, organized and have scored goals from every position including 7 (?) from Taylor Firth. Scotland was my pick to win the whole thing so it sucks having to play them in semis!

Erica Hindmarsh and Jenelle Zapski have been huge acquisitions for Poland and if they get the ball will be able to score. Poland’s only chance will be to play tough defense and create some chaos by out-hustling Scotland. They have to play like they have nothing to lose, which they don’t. I’m still not convinced it will be enough. 4-2 Scotland. 

Ukraine vs. Germany

Perennial finalists and three-time defending champions Ukraine face their opponent from the past two finals. Ukraine has looked strong with a record of 3-0-1, coming out of a tough group in second on goal differential. Their biggest challenge came in the opener vs. Scotland when they went down 2-0 and defensively looked questionable but came back to tie the game. Ukraine has a multitude of veteran players who have spent years playing together and never stop attacking. Goals have come from all over the field and they have the advantage in net whether it’s Possberg or Anderson
Germany haven’t looked like themselves, dropping a game to Netherlands and playing a couple other close ones - they wouldn’t have made it out of Group A. They rely heavily on golden boot contender Megan Cormier; however they also have a core of veteran players with the ability to shut teams down and make big plays when needed.  

Expect this to be a physical game. If Ukraine can shut down Cormier goals will be difficult to come by for Germany and I don’t see them outlasting the attack of Ukraine. 3-1 Ukraine. 

France Vs. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is heavily reliant on their core of U of S midfielders, luckily for them I believe that they will all be making the trip down. Josip is a very good striker and with Bobbi, Mitch and Contenti behind him it makes him a way more dangerous. France are yet to tie or lose a game yet but they havent looked the most convincing doing so. France are going to need Benno and Mason to shut down Josip to give Les Bleus a chance to win this game.

I think both teams match up fairly evenly. Afghanistan have superior goalkeeping and midfield. France has the experience and a better defense. I have a feeling there will be alot of goals in this one. 6-4 France.

Jamaica Vs. Poland

After Wednesdays mess people were not talking about how Poland were crushing Sudan 4-1 until the game was abandoned. Poland have yet to drop a point and after coming of a crushing victory in the quarters they look like they will crush everyone who steps in the way. Jamaica advancing to the semi's for the first time are just living the underdog dream, I dont see it continuing past tonight.

Both teams possess great goalkeeping and both defenses have been solid. Poland have the edge on scoring from crosses and I feel this is where they will win the game. Poland 3-1.


Anonymous said...

Since I went 4-0 in the quarters (no big deal) I figured I'd give it another shot in the semi's.

France v Afghanistan - after seeing each team play once I said Afghanistan would win the whole thing. Tonight I am predicting them to beat France 4-2. France has incredible composure and experience, but struggled against the high flying Nigerians. Afghanistan has that "je ne sais quoi" that France lacks.

Poland v. Jamaica
I am so excited for this game to start. The High-flying Poles v. controlled and composed Jamaicans. Should be a great match. We will see who gets sucked in to whose game but I gotta bet on my boys rifling a couple in. Poland 4 Jamaica 3.

Women's Side:
Poland v. Scotland. I don't know anything about Scotland, but if I don't predict my ladies to win then I probably won't have a place to stay this weekend! Polska 4-2.

Ukraine v. Germany.
Ukraine doesn't look the same as last year. Germany looks capable and can shoot.
Germany Drei - Ukraine nul


Anonymous said...


I think the Afghan's will just want it more than the French. If France gets an early lead they should win, but if they let the Afghanis hang in there they will lose. Could go either way, but I'm going with team Josip 4-2


Poland has the one thing our Ireland team lacked. Team spirit and the will to do absolutely anything to win. Jamaica will hang with them, but can't see them matching the Polska intensity.

Poland 3-2

Didn't really see either team play much, but Hindmarsh is a big game player and Anne Fetsch is due for a big game.

Poalnd 4-3

Can't see Ukraine losing this one. Germany will take the lead early, but run out of steam.

Ukraine 5-2

Wish I could be there to watch, but definitely not making that drive again. Best of luck to all teams!


Anonymous said...

I think France could be in trouble tonight. This is soheils chance to show everyone that he is an elite coach in this city, and with the amount of talent he has assembled I think it would be a major upset if they don't win tonight.

4-2 afghan

Poland looks unstoppable

4-1 Poland

Anonymous said...

No Mitch Bauche for Afghanistan tonight, the game for France just got a whole lot easier.


Anonymous said...

i think France will beat afghanistan. they match up much better against afghan than they did against Nigeria. Nigeria always looked poised to shock france with their fast pace, rough and tumble, unpredictable style of play.

i think this game will ultimately come down to defending and whether afghan has what it takes to stop france from scoring. Josip is a good striker but he's coming up against 2 of the best defenders in tournament in benno and mason. not sure if afghan have it locked down at the other end. 4-1 France

I think Jamaica beats Poland as well. Poland has the best keeper in tournament and tonight he will have to show what he's worth again. Dave Brown and Mike collins have looked like the most effective striking pair all tournament and are always going to create chances. Poland is a more balanced team but I think this game will ultimately come down to how they deal with brown and collins. also, i didnt take note of the players who were sent off from poland or how important they are to the team. could turn out to be a factor in this game. 4-3 Jamaica

Anonymous said...

Polands second red card got appealed

MathewLeung said...

Usually theres an upset in playoffs

I think France will tightening things up I am saying

France 4-2

I think this game could be a possible upset, depending on how many free kicks Jamaica gets

Jamaica 2-1,

@Cam_Lag said...

It will be hard to choose the winning teams because all four teams have a legitimate shot at going all the way. The true deciding factors involved are the jerseys.

Let's start with the first matchup, France vs Afghan. I haven't seen Afghanistan's alternate jerseys yet but I must say, their white kits are nothing special. Just an ordinary bland jersey, not as exciting as their previous 241 jerseys they've had in the past, considering I haven't seen France wear white this tourney, I assume Afghan will wear white.
Now France can definately win this game, if, and ONLY IF they wear the blue jerseys. The Red ones are atrocious and look to have been picked up in Macklemore's closet. This being said, the Blue jerseys far outdo the Afghan's and will ensure victory. RED jerseys= blowout loss for France. BLUE = comfortable victory.

Poland vs. Jamaica.
Both teams have respectable kits, I haven't seen Poland's red jerseys (assuming their alternate is red) yet but if it is anything like their whites, it is classy. Unforunately for them, even their white jers with red shorts are not as nice as Jamaica's all white. with that beind said, Jamaica's all white is not even close to the same level as their all blacks. If you have been following, Jamaica can not lose this game based on jerseys alone unless they do something stupid and try to wear black shorts with white jerseys... it should be their's for the taking.

And for women's,
Ukraine vs. Germany
As a Colombia player I favor yellow. Ukraine wins.
Scotland vs. Poland
As I said Poland's are classy, Scotland's are by no means an ugly kit but gotta give the edge to Polska.

Anonymous said...

FYI France already won the tournament

Anonymous said...

Question: if a player gets a red card are they out of the tournament?


Anonymous said...

Do you play soccer KWS?

They sit out one game. and their red card will need to be appealed by the WCP committee but no they are not kicked out of the tournament.

Anonymous said...

If afghan plays a fast paced game France will be in trouble, if it wasn't for Nigerian weak goal keeping and luck of defence, France wouldn't be here but they have a solid team . This game will be won on defence and both teams are solid so I see just like a 2-1 win for afghan.

Poland and Jamaica will be tight but I thin Poland wins the battle coz of there deep bench

Tt said...

Rumor has it Diakiw wont be able to play tomorrow regardless of the game outcome tonight, as he has a final exam tomorrow

Anonymous said...

No, this is the first year of watching WCP and am not sure of all the rules.

So a red card player leaves the game they are playing, can they play in the next game (will Poland be short players tonight)?


Anonymous said...

KWS, the carded player is ejected from the game and is not allowed to play the next game either.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Aghanistan! France put you through a clinic. hope soheil was taking notes. one of the most dominating performances of the tournament. why did people think afghan would beat france? theyre dumb. thats why. France are better in every position. Josip? was he playing tonight? oh he was, but against benno and mason. but hey, at least you only lost 6-0.

Anonymous said...

Great game tonight jamaica poland, both teams played hard and fair.

Problem polland has now is they lost a second striker tonite, their top midfielder went down tonite with an ankle, while jay is already playing on one ankle.

Great run for poland, but france looked very strong tonite.

Afghanistan missing a ton of key players tonite, and france had their best game of the tournament.

Congrats to all the semi finalists, and looking forward to a great final.

Thanks kevin and the volunteers for another great tournament,.

Anonymous said...

there was some amount of diving from jamaica tonight, congrats to the ref for not giving the penalty near the end.

player was given a fair shoulder and went down and he had no chance of getting the ball!

if he had a chance of getting the ball, then thats a really hard one to call.

but what a fantastic game to watch, well done both teams for puting on a show, thats good soccer!

Anonymous said...

Poland goalie is AMAZING

Anonymous said...

Give props to the referee for doing such a good job. we watched soccer tonight.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Afghan was missing Mitch and that left a huge hole in their midfield. Once Contenti got injured their game was done. Props to them though for making it this far, definitely surprised everyone.

Anonymous said...

I hope last nights game was a wake up call for anyone who supports afghan. I don't care if Mitch wasn't there or someone else was injured or that they have the worst "coach" in the tournament. Afghan was horrid. They lost 6-0... Not 2-0... 6-0!!!
I'd be embarrassed if I was one of the ppl who took afghan to make it to the finals.

France/Poland game will be tight. Debatably the two best teams in the tournament. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

The team afghan started the tournament with would have played france straight up on frances best day.

Afghan tied laos in one of the most exciting fast paced games of the tournament, without josip, and it took a late goal by laos to tie afghans.

They lost four key players from start of tourny to end. Too bad, while france got stronger with beno added.

Congrats to both teams.

Anonymous said...

Now appears chris sarazin will not make it to poland game so along with losing all strikers, now top two mids are out. way too much to overcome.

Predict easy win for france.

Anonymous said...

Look at who they had on the field? You can't have duds like jhanzeb and diya playing and expect to beat France. They were lucky it was only 6-0.

Anonymous said...

soheil the super coach!!! LOL serves you right clown. I hope you took notes from the France game! That was a clinic!

By far the worst coach in regina.

Anonymous said...

afghan did very well making it this far of the tournament. odey is just jealous coz he wasn't part of this team. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Some of the people on this blog are complete idiots!!