Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Updated Golden Boot

1. David Brown - 9
2. Josip Coric -8
    Darko Hardi
4. Tong Tong - 7
    Jordian Farahani
6. Mike Collins - 6
    Nathan Reis

1. Tayler Firth - 7
2. Erica Hindmarsh - 6
    Mallory Outerbridge
    Veronica Boesch
4. Megan Cormier - 5
    Kelly Cerkowniak
    Robyn Anson-Kiss

U16 Boys
1. Victor Leon - 5
2. Marcello Gonzalez - 3
    Geo Saluma
    Kyle Dedecker

U16 Girls
1. Taniel Gay - 6
2. Megan McFee - 4
    Samantha Burko 

U14 Boys
1. Moetaz Ghremida - 5

U12 Girls
1. Natalia McCullough - 4
2. Olivia Gabels - 3

U12 Boys
1. Nathan Dumanski - 6
    Jerry Weibe
3. Arinz Abii-Doh - 5


memePeter said...


Anonymous said...

Croatia vs Serbia tomorrow should be fun.

Who will decide the match, Josip or Darko?

Anonymous said...

Darko ... go cry. Your team is out and you can't win the golden boot. You are a shitty soccer player and cocky.

Darko Hardi said...

Oh ok ill go cry now

Anonymous said...

Erica hindmarsg!!! She's good!

Anonymous said...

Good tournament Darko!

Haters gonna hate haha


Anonymous said...

The woman that are in the lead right now are pretty lucky the Meagan Cormier didn't play in two games! she would probably be at 10 at least.

Anonymous said...

Cormier ya shes good but she has teammates that can get her the ball. You also got to consider that Outerbridge had no one to play with, no one could get her the ball and when they did no one was there for her when she tried to set it up. So the girls are just as lucky that Outerbridge had to try to do it all on her own. Next year if Outerbridge is here I hope she has someone to play with because then we will see who is the best.

Anonymous said...

David brown is lazy yells for the ball and waits for good players to make good plays to him

Anonymous said...

Most of Cormier's goals that I saw were not assisted and created by her own hard work, her and Mallory are two completely different players and both have their own talents.. But great players will find a way to score or help lead their teams to victory

Anonymous said...

There are a couple ladies in the lead who also missed a few games, not just Cormier..

Anonymous said...

Hey Darko, didn't you put yourself first to win the golden boot? You are a fool. Can you win it, no. You are just a crap shoot rec. player. Take a hike.

As for Cormier, she's actually skilled. A far better player than some men's players like Darko. Hard worker, and finishes her chances.

Darko Hardi said...

And some MORONS like you just don't understand that that post was put on there as a JOKE...