Friday, 4 April 2014

Recap of Last Night

Women's Poland vs Germany

Poland looked disorganized and panicky for most of the first half, but managed to score first on a rocket from Lemay-Tomchuk. S. Kapila quickly tied it up, and Germany went up 2-1 when D. Kapila took advantage of a miscommunication between Poland's defender and keeper. Germany controlled the pace through the middle of the field, but losing Mayer to a dislocated finger allowed Poland to regain some composure through the midfield. 
Poland out-possessed Germany in the second half, but defensively Germany did well to collapse and force Poland's attack to the outside and they were unable to capitalize on any scoring chances from there. Good goaltending on both ends in the second half as well. Hindmarsh tied it up with just over two minutes left and the game ended 2-2. Both teams pretty much have to win out now to control their own fates.
Men's Greece vs France

If anyone watched the Man U - Bayern game this week this game was very similar in the way it was played. From the get go France held possession moving the ball around trying to pry open Greece's defense. Greece on the other worked hard to keep shape without ever really venturing forward. The breakthrough for France came near the end of the 1st half. As described by Josh himself "It was a good goal. Got the ball at half and had space so I ran with it and took a defender on and shot bottom right corner."

The second half started with more of the same with France again possessing the ball but really not creating any opportunities. With 15 minutes left Greece crossed the ball in from a kick in and it evaded everyone including the keeper to tie the game up. This finally prompted France to play with a little urgency and they quickly prompted a very good save out of the Greece keeper. With just a few minutes left Greece came very close to pulling out the victory but a volley went just wide. A 1-1 draw.


Anonymous said...

Just got out and saying it, Forsberg is not an adequate striker for a team like France. Forsberg is like a peddle bike trying to keep up with some scooters. Forsberg is a B or C level striker. Good on him that he scored one goal, but that is not enough

Anonymous said...

I hope you do this for every game Mike.

Anonymous said...

Greece should have won. I wish they would have. The crowd was defiantly cheering the underdog Greece squad on.