Friday, 25 April 2014

Day 23 Results

Day 23: April 25, 2013
TimeGame NumberGroupsTeamsScoreGoal Scorers
06:30 PM157U14 Boys – FinalCanada5Jordan Fiske – 2, Jerry Wiebe, Keegan Kaytor, Jackson Sombach

Serbia3Rodrigo Santamaria – 2, Kelly Lowry

07:30 PM158U16 Girls – FinalEngland3Rachel Dorais, Jordann Gonzalez*Shoot Out Win

Ireland2Olivia Gables, Abigail Chupa

08:30 PM159U16 Boys – FinalItaly4Luca Fiortio, David Palmarin, Jonathon Kraft -2

Scotland2Sasha Pojuzina, Taylor Nicolson


Anonymous said...

Its so funny how Peter came onto this blog and said how he hated Poland and its fans, well suck it Peter, also wanted to note that its funny how he had all this great analysis but he didnt make you one analysis during the whole tournament about any games, makes you think this Peter guy was probably someone who wasnt playing in the tournament at all and just came onto the blog,

Peter you are a coward and your boyfriend JB too

Polska forever

Anonymous said...

Can we get a final power rankings please?

Anonymous said...

Anon: 20:46, the tournament was over on Saturday mon. No one cares mon. Shut up already. Poland sucks.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Jamaican person. Your a disgrace to Jamaica