Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Day 5 Results

Day 5: April 7, 2013
TimeGame NumberGroups
TeamsScoreGoal Scorers
06:30 PM43U16 BoysHomeItaly5Mark Hetterly -2, Brandon Chapple – 2, Jonathon Kraft

AwayScotland4Sasha Pojuzina, Moetaz Ghremida – 2, Taylor Nicolson

6:30 PM44U16 BoysHomeGermany4Nolan Tabak, Simon Kim, Simi Kamali, Nicholas Montenegro

AwayBosnia2Arinze Abii-Ndoh, Sedrek Samuel

7:30 PM45U20 BoysHomeCanada3Kris Calcutt, Aaron Beattie, Victor Leon

AwayItaly4Scott Findura, Andrew Kroczynski, Yassir Hossain, Angelo Palamara

8:30 PM46WomenHomeGermany6Paige Van De Syp – 2,
Astrid Baecker – 1, Shayla Kapila – 1, Meagan Cormier – 1, Jessica Meyer – 1


10:30 PM47Mens Gr AHomeGreece2Curtis Kosloski, Matt Hugen

AwayItaly4Matteo Deiana, Chris Fiorante, Fabio Fiorito, Steve King


Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me why Teams like Greece even enter the WCP CUP? All they do is go out there and tackle people. They can't even string together 3 passes. They have no talent up front. They get lucky against top teams. Man, it's a joke. Like give me a break. Last I checked I'm watching soccer not wrestling. Come on. I guess hurting people is something cool to do all of a sudden. Very sad. Time to get rid of these fools.

Anonymous said...

They drew the defending champions if I'm not mistaken so they can't be all bad, even if it was luck those kind of upsets make the tournament exciting. If they're getting dirty it is up to the referee to sort that out not the tournament to ban them for an occasional harsh tackle. Assuming of course they aren't out of hand like sudans incident last year.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha wow Anon: 16:25 you sound like someone who has no clue about anything regarding soccer. So what if Greece tied France. It was a fluke. Did you see them play Italy. They got their asses handed to them. What a joke. Some people need to shut up.

Anonymous said...

I played a game against Greece last year and some big tank took me out and I had to have ankle surgery. It was rank. I'm not a huge fan of the Greek team either. I just don't get why it's worth playing this world class players tournament to get injured. It's way too intense and way too many referees let way too much stuff go. Half of them don't have control over the game. It only leads to problems overall. I don't see myself ever playing in the world class players tournament again. That is all.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Greece players are a little on the physical side, guys like Jimmy and Peter should of played WWE Wrestling, seems to suit them.

Anonymous said...

Well the ultimate warrior did pass away not long ago. Maybe he can be them

Anonymous said...

Peter hasn't played yet