Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Top 7 WCP Players Who Would Wear A Snood

For those who are not aware what a snood is here is a very brief lesson. Snoods are essentially scarfs worn by soccer players for cold whether games. However, recently they have been banned by FIFA because they were becoming for of a fashion statement than a functional accessory. Snoods are typically worn by the skillful and flashy as opposed to the hard men. That being said here are Top 7 players who would be most likely wear a snood if they could:
 (Keep in mind this is meant to be a bit of fun. Please don't get carried away with this.)

1. Adam Chomos - GK/Jamaica - Not sure but Adam may be the only player in the tournament who actually currently sports a snood. Always seems to be cold even in that balmy facility I am sure he would wear a winter jacket if it didn't impede his mobility.

2. Braden Husdal - Defender/Norway - Just the kind of guy who seems like he should have one and if it were to ride up and muffle him on the field at all I think we would all be thankful.

3. Kevin Murphy - Midfielder/France - Any englishman willing to celebrate by bowing down to a flag of Zidane seems like a prime snood wearer to me.

4. Jerson Hamilton - Striker/El Salvador - If I came from the beaches of Mexico to playing on a snow covered pitch in Saskatchewan I would be wearing a snood too.

5. Kashmir Bahia - Midfielder/France - Let's face we are always one snood-clad Beckham appearance away from seeing Kash in one too.

6. Jordan Peto - GK/Germany - Plays in a position where getting cold is always an option. Plus he is often seen in an Arsenal jersey and I am pretty sure snoods were part of their uniform for awhile.

7. Alvaro Campos - Midfielder/El Salvador - Though Alvi is a known collar-popper, which a snood would surely impede, Alvi would certainly wear a snood. Even if it was only to anger everyone.

Honorable Mention:
Felipe Dos Santos - Midfielder/Canada - Lots of clamoring for him to be added to the list and I did think of him and how he wears leggings well playing indoor. However, Felipe is such a stickler for the rules that he would never wear something banned by FIFA. In fact he would be the first to report you if you wore a snood.

What do you think any who should be added/removed from this list? Are you a snood-wearer yourself?
Let us know!

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