Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Must See Games (Mens Version)

I've managed to narrow it down to seven can't-miss games. Obviously their will be lots of other great games during the tournament but in order to save space I am only listing seven. These seven are listed starting with what I feel will be the most epic game of the round robin and moving downwards from there.

Laos vs El Salvador - 10:00pm Saturday April 16th

Canada vs Jamaica - 9:00pm Saturday April 2nd

Jamaica vs Germany - 7:00pm Saturday April 9th

Canada vs Germany - 8:00pm Sunday April 17th

Norway vs ROI - 5:00pm Sunday April 17th

France vs Nigeria - 9:30pm Friday April 15th

Nigeria vs Botswana - 10:00pm Saturday April 9th (A Classic)

As with the Women's, previews for these games will come closer to the actual dates.

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