Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Top 7 WCP Players Who Would Never Wear A Snood

The inability to wear a snood is something possessed only by the toughest players in the soccer community. Players who would rather turn blue or lose a digit than ever admit to being cold. The hardmen of soccer.
That being said here are my Top 7 WCP Players Who Would Never Wear a Snood:

1. Mark Wernikowski - Defender/ROI -  A real tough guy who could TEACH a lot of players a thing or two about getting stuck in. Plus if you can grow an awesome beard in a day there really no need for a snood.

2. Tyler Dorosh - Defender/Ukraine - Still probably have a few cleat marks in my legs from playing against Tyler. It helps that I am not sure Yorkton is fashionable enough to have snoods. Maybe Andy can fill us in?

3. Reis Cooper - Midfielder/Norway - For some strange reason Reis reminds me of Joey Barton. The kind of guy who is out in a snow storm training in shorts and a t-shirt. Yikes.

4. Bryan Murrell - Defender/Laos - Any player the size of Bryan has no business wearing a snood. Not to mention that Bryan already stands out above everyone out there as it is.  

5. Kevin Holness- Midfielder/Jamaica -  This is more hopeful than anything because I could actually envision Kev rocking a snood. But if he did the the next thing we'd see is 400 kids running around in AC emblazoned snoods. Not to mention the worker bees. I will pass on that.

6. Benno Looft - Defender/ROI - There is absolutely no way that Benno would ever wear a snood. Even though he is quite European I don't think the man can feel pain. Not going to find the need for a snuggly blanket around his neck.

7. Any Cabylis - All positions/Greece - Seriously can anyone imagine one of these guys walking into a sports store and asking to be directed to the snood section? Not a chance. 

Honorable Mention:
Mike Collins - Midfielder/ROI - They seem like they would be annoying to wear and frankly I am not sure I could squeeze one on over my ego. Not willing to try anyway.

And so concludes my series on the snood. Did I miss anyone on my lists? Should they present snoods instead of medals this year? We want to hear what you think!

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