Tuesday, 22 March 2011

2011 Youth Boys (Top 4 Advance)

*If someone wants to send in summaries of teams or players names for the teams I am currently missing it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the teams and a few players to watch:

Canada: Bryce Hubick is a good midfield player who is always composed on the field.


Germany: Levi Mann is a strong defender who can chip in with a goal every now and then.

Italy: Kristian McCullough, Jordan Kraft and Macello Gonzales are a trifecta of gifted attacking players and are always on the prowl for goals.

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Anonymous said...

Canada has not advanced to the final. England is out, as well. Ukraine and Scotland are in the semi-final game Friday at 7:30. Italy and Germany are in the gold medal game on Saturday at 2:00.