Thursday, 31 March 2011

Things We Hate About Soccer/WCP

We decided to put together a list of a few things we hate both on and off the field. Here is what we came up with: (Again this is just to poke fun, don't make me regret this.)

1. Oscar Worthy Players - I think this is universally hated. When a guy is running with hardly a man around him and he goes down like he's been shot by a sniper. This is usually followed by 2.5 rolls on the ground, 30 secs on the sideline and then a 10 second hobble. Brutal.

2. Overly Acrobatic Goalkeeping - So annoying when the ball is headed directly towards a keeper and instead of catching it he dives outrageously and punches it, usually out of bounds. Particularly annoying when its your keeper.

3. Popped Collars, Low Socks, Rolled Shorts - We are not at a club (and even if we were), low socks look sloppy, and find a pair that fit. Nothing more needs to be said.

4. Tirades On How To Improve Your Team -  I think everyone has been wandering around the facility during WCP only to be stopped by some random person (usually slightly intoxicated) and given a list of things that could improve your team. Everything from tactics to formation to what you should be done with "that guy who plays on the wing." Actually maybe this should be on the love list.

5. Unnecessary Stepovers - Yeah, there is a time and place for a stepover but its not when you are playing center back and it's definitely not when the closest player is 7 yards away and you are planning to play the ball backwards.

6. Post Game Line-Up Handshakes & Hip-Hip-Hoorays (at senior level only) - Now I am not trying to endorse poor sportsmanship but there is just something so emasculating about grown men cheering hip-hip hooray at the end of a game. We already shake hands before the game. When the final whistle goes, find a couple players on the other team, shake their hand and get on with it. No one will be offended.

7. Beer Lineups -  Now I personally have never been in one but rumor has it they can grow quite long. If you want a beer for a 5:00 game better hit that line up around 3:00. Oh and bring your own chair you'll want to sit down. 

8. The Crickets - The Crickets that get played over the PA system at the tournament. Once or twice a weekend is fine but they insist on doing it once or twice every 10 minutes. I really hate this one.

9. Consistently Inconsistent Refereeing - You know how it is, one game you can't touch anyone without a call going against you, the next you would have to be coding out there for the referee to stop it. Great for fans, frustrating as heck for players.

10. Seating - I have never actually had to watch a final but it usually looks pretty packed out there. Nothing that can really be done about this but standing room only is not an ideal set up. 

The "Things We Love List" will come tomorrow.

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