Tuesday, 22 March 2011

2011 Womens (Group B)

*If someone wants to send in summaries of teams or players names for the teams I am currently missing it would be greatly appreciated.

Past champions and last years runner's up. Looking to avenge last years defeat and might have the squad to do it. Defence is second to none.

Player to Watch
Laura Guzik is the anchor on this solid defensive lineup and rarely makes mistakes.
Shayla Kapila is an up and coming star to watch.
Meagan Cormeir is another good dribbler, she beats players most of the time in 1 v 1's, has a good shot, and should never be left open in the middle...always needs to be marked tightly.
I watched them lay a thrashing on Poland this week However, In their first ever WCP Cup game they have the unenviable task of having to play last years runners up Germany. Ireland is a team whos strength resides in the middle of the park with some very strong midfield play. Their game against Chile could decide which team comes out in this group. I personally think that will be Ireland though I may be slightly biased.

Player to Watch
Ireland have a reliable keeper in former Cougar Amanda Stith. A solid defense which includes Kaci Manz and Naomi Picard and a terrific midfield trio which includes Shelly Krahenbil, Zoe Threlfall, and Taylor Bacala.


Player to Watch

El Salvador:

Player to Watch
Veronica Boesch is a gifted attacker and a serious goal threat everytime she gets the ball.
Adrianna Bonutti is from Calgary and this is her first time playing in world cup. She can hold the ball up and can score. Her and Veronica together are a threat together.
Though rumour has is Chile may not be as strong as it has been in past years. Chile is never to be taken lightly and always a top contender. Has incredible fan support and they are the heartbeat to this team.

Player to Watch
Mackenzie Bulych. This intelligent striker links attack with midfield, and weighs in with her fair share of goals.
Catherine Collins is always steady and works hard all over the pitch.

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