Monday, 31 March 2014

Pre World Cup Q&A

I have had a lot of different questions on here, some which are worthwhile answering and other which are completely not. I thought I would take a stab at answering a few of both.

Anonymous asked: What about a skills competition?

The idea has been thrown around quite a few times and there are a few problems with it. The biggest being that there just is not enough time to have it. The tournament already begins on a Thursday this year because we needed the extra day and we have had to resort to playing games on the backfields which is obviously not ideal. Besides that the sheer volume of people you would have to put through, assuming you did 1 person from every team in every division, would be so large that it would probably get old to watch very quickly.

Anonymous Asked: How does this fantasy thing work?

Here is the breakdown: Players get 1 point for a goal and receive extra points for multiple goals in a game. The first goal in a game is worth 1 the second worth two the third worth 3 etc. So if someone scored a hat trick in a game its worth 6 point.s Yellows are worth 2 points as well but reds are worth -10. Defenses start every game with 5 points and lose one for every goal they allow. Defenses scores can go into the minus. Keepers get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 for a loss. They can also add 2 points for a shutout and 20 for a goal if they are playing net. Points double for playoffs.

Anonymous Asked: How come people haven't asked Collins how his team did in Division 1 this year? They blew big chunks.
I imagine most didn't ask because I didn't play this year.

Anonymous Asked: Please try and get Greece and Scotland interviews with their cockiest players. That would be a treat!

I would love to do this as well as get many of the other teams perspectives as well however I don't have contacts for all of the teams. I attempted to get the questions sent out to all teams but for whatever reason by request was lost in the shuffle. If someone happens to be reading this and wants to have their answers put up then simply copy the questions in the previous posts and email them to me at would be great to have some new perspectives. I don't need to include your name if that's understandably holding you back.  

Anonymous Asked: Devin Sembaluk, fast. What kind of cheap crap are you smoking?

Both Dustin and Devin Sembaluk are much faster than most presume. From a fan's view its tough to gauge how fast they are really moving due to the flailing of limbs and obvious lack of basic motor function but I can guarantee that being out there with them you realize they are just as fast as the Garrett Peter's and Troy Lydiate of the tournament. Cheap crap? I am half Jamaican.

Peter Asked: By the way Collins, you are aware of why you are being called Mitch Collins right?

Yes. I am definitely aware that there is alarmingly underwhelming amount of creativity on this blog.

If anyone has anymore questions, especially ones that are actually worth answering send them my way.


Anonymous said...

I read a comment about the top 3 worst players in wcp cup history. Well I agree with the first two. The 3rd, I would make Ahmed Kamali. Terrible player. Used to play for Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, why not add some points in your fantasy for every save a goal keeper makes? Maybe like 0.2 points per save? I think it would add some excitement to your fantasy. Some keepers will get stuck in a tough pool, and wins will be hard to come by. Some keepers also don't have the defense teams like France, Canada, Jamaica etc. have.

Anonymous said...

That would be impossible to keep track of

Anonymous said...

I agree with 13:41.

Maybe saving a PK could garner a them point or two? That would make more sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon: 12:39. It would make fantasy players pick some keepers on teams they know will get lots of shots. I do also agree with anon: 13:41 that it will be hard to track. Too bad wcp doesn't keep track of shot totals. If only I had the time to make all the games, I would keep track of it.

Anonymous said...

No wou wouldn't, and if you would, that's really sad

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be that hard anon: 17:09. You would only have to watch games that had those keepers picked in the draft. Not that difficult. Are you surprised that no one wants to do this? Lazy butt heads in Regina. Canada's fattest city.

Also, Kamali got cut from Afghanistan because we wanted a competitive team. He's brutal. Lost us a couple key games.

Anonymous said...

Collins you are such an idiot. Are you saying that Cosmos did horrible because you didn't play? Give me a break bud. You have no skill and wouldn't have made a difference. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the couple free kicks you might have got wouldn't have won cosmos any games.

Div 1 player

Anonymous said...

Collins what do you mean you didn't play with Cosmos this year. I'm pretty sure I saw you playing. Nice lie.

Anonymous said...

The best team in this tournament is Italia. We have money, skill, and fantastic players. We have this amazing player named Fabio. He'll no doubt win the golden boot. Sick skills. I'm surprised no one picked him in the WCP Fantasy Draft. You're all missing out.

Italian Mobster

Anonymous said...

Ok so this is what I know:

Flavio Bravo-Farias is the GoW. I am saying this because I played with him on our high school team and all he could talk about is this blog. He's honestly obsessed. He really sucks by the way. Tony Haid scored on him in a shootout. That says enough. By the way, he has a non anonymous account he uses as well. Just a heads up.

Anonymous said...

Question for you Mike: how many years do you think it'll take until enough random talent is added to Ireland and you're kindly asked to step down and instead bring pompoms for the bench or something? I'd say this is your last year playing for this team, and I presume you already won't be a starter. You're slowly getting weaselled out my man

Anonymous said...

Anon: 21:51 aka Italian Mobster, I play on Italy and I'm telling you right now Fabio would get his ass cut if he wasn't one of our heritage players. Have you seen the guy play, he's straight up awful.

The reason we have such a hit and miss team every year is because we have major problems with how the team is run. It's time for a change.

I do like my fees being paid for every year though. That's the best part about playing for Italy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anon: 22:54 are you o.k. bud?

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:54 you sound like a little school girl that has a crush on the Collins. LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

Love the robot ^