Saturday, 8 March 2014

2014 Wcp Cup Groups


Group A

Republic of Ireland

Group B

South Korea

Group C

Northern Ireland

Group D

First Nation
Saudi Arabia

Previews to come......


Group A

El Salvador

Group B

Northern Ireland


Anonymous said...

Group D stinks

Anonymous said...

from my understanding the draw was in a different format, I dont understand some of the picks that teams made, which one is the most shocking ? for myself I would say Scotland selecting Laos into there group or Eritrea picking Canada,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous power rankings:

1. France
2. Poland
3. Laos
4. Canada
5. Jamaica
6. Germany
7. Nigeria
8. Ireland
9. Afghanistan
10. Serbia
11. England
12. Portugal
13. Scotland
14. Columbia
15. Saudi Arabia
16. Italy
17. Norway
18. Eritrea
19. Greece
20. South Korea
21. N. Ireland
22. First Nation

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of those but I think ROI should be 1-4

Anonymous said...

ireland should be top 4 for sure, they've gotten a lot of players back since last year, and added new quality ones too.

nigeria should be above germany, and POTENTIALLY canada, since they made it to quarters last year over canada. however, that may be a stretch. they also gave france a serious run for their money in the semi's. they're way to quick and surprising for most teams to handle.

basically all teams from position 10 and on are just potential upset teams, and not real contenders. they are simply teams capable of fudging up the standings in a group.

france has arguably the best team on paper. and they won last year, deserving of first place. poland got a couple pickups, a couple returning players, and lost a couple players (most importantly dane mcdougall), so i think they deserve to remain where they are. laos has a lot of vets that are getting older, but apparently acquired roman, and josh if he shows up, VERY solid pickups. VERY worth the trade for chicolicous. Jamaica lost its white heritage players from last season, but picked up some new ones who are probably even better (rumors of dion morgan). i'd personally put them above canada, below ROI Laos poland and france. again, thats pretty debatable though. they severely lack depth, and mitch isn't playing.

a few of my thoughts

Anonymous said...

whos this dane kid? was he the guy in the center mid with only a left foot ? if so, that guy was just a bad version of Mike Collins, he only looked good aganist the bad teams, hes nothing special

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why Dane is even mentioned as whomever anon 9:59 is; they hit it on the button. Average player on his best day.

As for Anon 20:02, I have to disagree with you. Josh Northey will be a shadow of his former self. He was a dominate player in his fourth and fifth years as a Huskie, but those days are long gone. He was lean and quick as he put his stutter step to good use, now he has bulked up and not game fit. On the other hand, Jordian is game fit and is playing soccer; therefore Jordian would be an upgrade to all the players who are currently playing in this tournament. Only player in better form that Jordian right now in this province is Brett Levis and that is just how it is. You can argue all you want about Jordian and his antics, but the simple fact is that he is training, he is game fit, and he is getting touches on the ball; while Northey is not.

Anonymous said...

"he only looked good aganist the bad teams"

shit teams like Canada, Nigeria and Jamaica? I didn't play in the France game after fracturing my foot against Jamaica either. Keep talking shit though, I'll be back. :)