Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mens Group D

Ireland - What to say about Ireland. They have suffered some massive, massive, massive losses. This might be a tough year for them as they are currently without a keeper or a roster for that matter. That being said this pool is so bad that they will continue to make the playoffs this year. 

Djibouti - I know absolutely nothing about Djibouti and that includes where it is. Somebody fill me in! On the team that is.... don't really care where it is.

Serbia - It's hard to come up with stuff to talk about with these middle of the pack teams since there is very little meaningful player movement. We always hope Serbia will bring in their "Winnipeg guys" but it looks like France may have beat them to it. What Serbia does have is the one and only Darko a goal scoring, blogging lyricist. Come back Darko.

Portugal - Played Portugal the other night and I can't say I was star struck. They definitely played some soccer but just don't have the athleticism or goal keeping needed to go far in this tournament. I see them as another middle of the pack team.

Scotland - Hard to believe that Scotland once finished in the top 4 not so long ago. Such a fall from grace. The one thing Scotland has going for it is youth but that will not get them very far. Sources tell me that Scotland actually has aspirations of doing quite well this year. Haha my crystal ball is not quite seeing that.

Colombia - This is my sleeper in the tournament. I watched them in the RSA tournament and they are a hard working team who just seems to take their chances and hang in there. They were only a break or two away for beating both France and Poland. Plus I have finally stopped spelling Colombia with a u. Respect.



1. ROI
2. Colombia
3. Serbia
4. Portugal
5. Djibouti
6. Scotland

I could actually see ROI losing out to Colombia. Not having a keeper is a major problem in this tournament. Will eventually be their downfall. After those two Serbia and Portugal will be extremely close I obviously gave it Serbia based on the Darko catalyst. While Djibouti is a complete unknown my gut tells me they are not a 2nd coming of Sudan. I see them being more of a Somalia type squad. Finally I have Scotland 6th only because there aren't anymore teams in this pool. Ouch.


1. Serbia
2. ROI
3. Colombia
4. Portugal
5. Scotland
6. Djibouti

I have Serbia 1st because they have a goal scoring machine in Darko, he is favorite to win golden boot for me this year. ROI should still advance from this group although they have lost a few players. Colombia and Portugal may be able to upset the other top 2 teams and possibly steal a playoff spot. Scotland in 5th just judging on last years showing. I have to have Djibouti last in this group as I have no idea who is on the team.


Anonymous said...

Well this is what's going to happend

Colombia will get first because they use that white powder to there opponents before the game

Anonymous said...

this will happend in the group

ROI will drink before every game and then get into fights, with that kid name Lee getting into scraps left and right

Darko wont be playing in the tournament because he got arrested for drug dealing

Colombia are all under investigation because they are selling some white powder which i guess is illegal

Portugal is going to get Figo back so they will look solid

Scotland will allow guy that wears the kilt to play for them and he will lead them to the promise land

Djibouti, will be the new Botswana.

The Joker

Anonymous said...

I think that the WCP should do some drug testing

I know theres some teams out there that smoke pot, drink, and do drugs before the game,

unacceptable! I am paying customer, I dont want to see sideshow bobs out there.

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, ROI still have Julio. If that's true and they have him anchor their interior midfield they should easily advance from group.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, we (ROI) only drank before the bronze medal match, with the sole intent of making a mockery of the concept of having a bronze medal match. And I believe the bronze medal match is indeed cancelled this year, so mission accomplished.


Anonymous said...

thats not fair NATE what about other teams that dont make the final/s on a regular basis and want to play for bronze?

way to wreck it for all of us, assh_le

very angry fan

Anonymous said...

oh man I cant wait to play Serbia and go after that kid who thinks hes sweet, Stefan or something, what a clown

Carlos Brown

Anonymous said...

so you guys dont make the finals and want to play for bronze? I don't know many teams that enter a tournament with the mindset that they don't want to win, but would rather finish third. Maybe you should work harder at being a good soccer team so you can have a realistic chance at making the finals. you can't blame nate for ruining your chances of not being able to win the most coveted prize at the wcp cup... a bronze medal.

Anonymous said...

whos this Nate guy, i ll fight him!

he doesnt sound tough at all!


Anonymous said...

Has there been any exhibition games yet?

Anonymous said...

Ya, Jamaica look worse then expected. Lost 6-1 to Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

I heard Nigeria picked up some players that played in African cup nations but from there U-20 squad

Anonymous said...

Haha Bart. I'm not tough. My nickname at last year's tournament was "Puny Nathan Reis", or something like that anyway.

Thank you "anon 12:52". The bronze medal affair always seems to be filled with lackluster performances and chippy soccer. Not to mention, fights often seem to ensue during or after the games. Both teams are playing their third game in 3 days, and injuries are at a premium, especially with the dirty play. All in all, the negatives associated with the bronze medal match seem to far outweigh the positives.


Anonymous said...

NEWS from the ROI camp is that they are brining a keeper that played for ES in the past yrs, I think his name is Mike? wow cant wait for this team to be awesome!

Mike Collins said...

Haha if you want to play in the bronze medal game chances are you are not good enough to play in the bronze medal game. However this year everyone will receive participant ribbons. Something to show your grand kids.

Anonymous said...

I am excited for the ribbons

@Cam_Lag said...

rumor has it paco will cut off his left testicle if colombia do not move thru

Anonymous said...

Are you kiding me. Make the Bronze Medal game and you go and drink. For what reason? To have an excuse when you lose?

Drinking in the stands and having a good time watching is one thing, but drinking prior to games is reckless and you could potentially hurt someone. I've said this many times before ... one day one of you idiots is going to hurt someone really bad. I truely hope you idiots realize that this is not to be taken lightly and I hope people speak out. There should be ZERO TOLERANCE for drinking prior to games.

If you drink before a game and hurt someone of the field because you arn't thinking straight ... there should be LEGAL consequences for your actions. Same as drinking and driving. IT'S NOT AN EXCUSE AT ALL.

-Outraged WCP Fan.

Anonymous said...

There are no laws on the issue, and it is different than drinking and driving, but it won't happen this year.


Anonymous said...

ROI are going to suck this year. They barely scraped by Germany in the quarters last year and then got embarrased by Laos. Considering they lost most of their best players in Ryan McAllister, Mike Collins, Duncan and Shaan, they will get trampled by teams like France, Sudan, Canada, Laos and ES. They will most likely advance from their group because let's be honest, it is the worst group i have ever seen. They will come up against Germany or Jamaica in the quarters and they will get owned. Oh and that kid with the stupid hair is a dbag. -Jurik